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Hearthstone: European Preliminary Results and Stats

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The Europe Spring Preliminary is over, and the eight players that will advance to the Europe Spring Championship have been decided. The qualifiers from the upper bracket were Crane333, Loyan, Thijs, and AKA Wonder. Turna, Georgec, Casie, and Iner also advanced.

As the event was held on Battlefy, there are also plenty of stats available on the meta. There were 152 participating players in the event. 123 (81%) brought Warrior, while 122 (80%) brought Shaman. This ties in with our meta discussion from the ladder a week ago. Shaman and Warrior also had two of the highest three win rates. Druid topped the list with 54%, but the sample size was very small. Druid, Priest, and especially Hunter, were very lightly represented in the event.

Of the top eight, every player brought Warlock. With five RenoLock and three Zoo being used. This is of note, as Zoo outnumbered Reno in a 2 to 1 ratio at the start.

Much of the red tape surrounding the Winter event has been sorted out, and other than the issue with the multiple account ruling, it seems that there were very few problems this time around.  Some of the locations had poor internet, or were too noisy, and that will obviously have to be worked on. It does seem that the event is getting better overall though, and Blizzard are finding their way quickly.


The players were generally happy with the state of the game. The consensus seems to be that the game is more skillful with cards like Imp-losion, Dr. Boom, and Piloted Shredder leaving the game. The results seem to back this up, with the notable players putting up a far better performance this time around than in Winter.

Many of the decks were unsurprising. Of note, Georgec played a Tournament Medic in his Freeze Mage. The main surprise was AKAWonder's lineup. He brought C'Thun in Warrior, RenoLock, and Druid. He rounded out his lineup with NZoth Paladin. He posted his decklists on Twitter.

The decks played in the top eight broke down as follows:

Druid: (1) C'Thun
Hunter: (0)
Mage: (3) Freeze
Paladin: (4) N'Zoth
Priest: (0)
Rogue: (3) Miracle
Shaman: (7) 4 Aggro, 3 Midrange 
Warlock: (8) 5 Reno, 3 Zoo
Warrior: (6) 4 Tempo, 1 Control, 1 C'Thun
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Thanks for showing results, Icy veins is doing good job by highligting majore events!

Will there be new meta report, btw?)

There will be. I'm aiming for this weekend.

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