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[Gold] Garrisons

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This Guide is no longer valid

(Only valid during Warlords of Dreanor. Before Patch 7.0.3)

So I've been watching some Youtube videos (MetaGoblin) and found several videos regarding how to make gold using your garrison in WoD and Legion, spending about 5 minutes each day per character for about 1000g per day per char.

Section 1: Garrison Setup:

Large Plot:
Barracks Level 3 (Simply for the +5 Follower Perk)

Medium Plot:
Trading Post Level 1
Lunarfall Inn / Frostwolf Tavern Level 3

Small Plots:
Gem Boutique Level 2 (Assign Follower)
Scribe's Quarters Level 2 (Assign Follower)
Salvage Yard Level 3 (Pre-Legion)
Alchemy Lab Level 2 (Can replace the Salvage Yard)

Pet Menagerie Level 3 (Pet Battle Dailies)
Shipyard Level 3

Section 2: Followers and Missions

Using the above setup, you should have about 23 followers able to do Follower Missions. Ideally you should have followers with the Treasure Hunter trait, which can be recruited weekly from your Inn/Tavern.

The Level 3 Inn/Tavern Perk allows you to do Follower Missions that rewards gold, and with each follower doing the mission with the perk increases these rewards.

There are also some follower missions that reward a Medallion of the Legion, Champion's Honor and Ogre Cache (Resources) that can be sold on Auction House

I suggest you get the addon called Master Plan. This allows you to optimally send followers out on missions.

You can get about 200g per character per day simply doing these follower missions.

Section 3: Shipyard

The shipyard occasionally has missions missions rewarding gold. Simply see the Icy Veins' Garrison Shipyard guide.

Section 4: Trading Post

This will allow you to trade those Garrison Resources (GR) that are automatically generated for materials. The only 2 traders you need to be using are:
Pyxni Pennypocket - Sells Herbs at a 1:4 ratio.
Trader Yula / Elder Surehide - Sells Ores and Furs at a 1:4 ratio.

Section 5: Menagerie

Simply see Peelyon's guide: 

These reward 8-10 Pet Charms per character per day. Also in Legion, you will need about 2000 Charms to buy the new pets and toys.


Section 6: Small Buildings

Gem Boutique:
When you assign a follower, you can do a daily quest. These quests can be completed without having the Jewelcrafting profession by using the NPC inside the building.

Rewards a bag containing 180-250g.

Scribe's Quarters:
The follower can craft partial orders every day per character. Once you combine 2 partial orders of the same name it can be vendored for about 75-250g.

Alchemy Lab:
You can craft the Draenic Philosopher's Stone simply to vendor it for 25g

Salvage Yard:
Follower missions reward a chest that contains items which can be vendored or sold on auction house for gold. I suggest you keep all your boxes until the Transmorg/Wardrobe system is available before opening the chests so you have all the transmorgs that they will provide.

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The garrison is a serious goldmine, especially given that you barely do anything for the gold. It was a shame that the flat gold generation from alt farming got nerfed so hard. It was such a nice way to rake in gold and gave an incentive to actually level all my alts to 100. 

Nonetheless, good job on putting this together.

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Good post Archimage!

There was always an intention to produce an in depth guide on garrisons but with the expansion winding down to a close and the incoming nerf to garrison gold missions I think the resources already available out there hold more than enough information to keep us going till Legion.

I'm a huge believer in playing the game for enjoyment.  I appreciate for a lot of players they are sick to death of the garrison grind but it really is worth the few minutes on each character just spamming those missions.

Although I don;t enjoy it I know I'll miss the gold when it's gone so make the most of it while you can folks!

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I think the news coming from the PTR would reduce the viability of this a little bit.

We now know that the Gem Boutique daily rewards garrison resources instead of gold, making it redundant with the high number of scavenger and extreme scavengers we will have. The value of the Draenic Philosopher Stone has been reduced by about 16% in vendor price. And the Smuggled Sack of Gold has been removed too.

Someone on /r/woweconomy suggested using the Barn instead of the Inn / Tavern after the pre-patch goes live. With all gold rewards being changed to garrison resources, and all Treasure Hunters being changed to Extreme Scavengers, there should be no need for the extra missions that the Inn / Tavern can bring. Anyone who visits their garrison semi-regularly should be drowning in resources already.

The Bloody Gold Purse still exists currently and has not had the gold amount reduced. Yet. Assuming Savage Blood has no value in Legion (which is unlikely, as it is used in the Draenor Illusion Tome) it will still be possible to get some gold.

It is estimated that a hour of capturing beasts will provide a month supply of work orders. With 6 completed work orders each day, at a minimum value of 50g each, this will provide approximately 9,000g per month for each character. More, if Savage Blood and Sumptuous Fur have a decent market price and sell reliably. Plus that Sumptuous Fur can always be funneled to any Tailors to create Hexweave Bags.

There are no changes to the daily traders that show up at the Trading Post. They still offer different rates for different items and rotate randomly. I expect that in a future build this will be changed, and the only available trader will be the one who offers everything for 6 garrison resources. Even if this does happen it should still be possible to buy a massive supply of material to sell on the AH. Sumptuous Fur will likely be the biggest seller but all should have a small market at the beginning of Legion as players rush to level their new professions.

As for the Shipyard, it will have very little use. It can be useful to obtain the Sorcerous elements that will be needed for the Draenor Illusion Tome, time will tell how valuable they will actually be. The real angle that I am looking at is something I thought about after watching Peelyon stream a few weeks back. With fishing nets attached to most ships you can find a huge supply of fish over time. This fish can be used with cooking which will have a small chance to proc the Lil' Leftovers pet.

Sorry if this is a little disjointed or tough to read, I'm on my laptop in the living room dealing with overly energetic kids. I think I got everything down though. Thoughts?

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In Warlords all my gold came from the garrison, i doubt we will get as much from the order halls, but plenty of new ways to make money especialy in the start of the expansion

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11 hours ago, Crazios said:

In Warlords all my gold came from the garrison, i doubt we will get as much from the order halls, but plenty of new ways to make money especialy in the start of the expansion

You're not alone with the gold from garrisons!  Keep an eye out for my articles early in Legion to help soften the blow a little :P

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This article made me sad, I loved WoD because of the gold mills that were the Garrisons. I was loaded, LOADED in wod. Now, i only sit around 10k constantly T_T

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