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Legendary Yogg Ramp Druid Standard

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Guest DsnowMan

Well done sirs. I found the token version a little inconsistent and vulnerable to aoe, even after buffing the tokens. This taunt-heavy approach is working very well for me. Master Jouster is a stroke of genius, the minion curve is so high he wins so often. I made some changes out of necessity: -cenarius +aviana. She is a soft-taunt anyway, and I usually get to drop her behind an Ancient of War. I also run -Mire Keeper +Shifter because I just got him and he is cute and fun (I'm not convinced you want two of those anyway)

Ran my version up to r7 at 75%+, things slowed down a bit when I hit some control and other yogg druids, started trading wins. Still moving up slowly.

Keep up the good work.

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