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hearthstone Dreamhack Valencia Results and Winning Paladin Decklist

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DreamHack Valencia took place from July 14-16, with a much improved prize pool of $27,500. This brings it into line with DreamHack Summer, Winter, and Austin.

DreamHack events are rapidly growing in popularity, and this time around there were 249 entrants. The event was played as best of five Last Hero Standing, with a ban. There were nine rounds of Swiss, with cut to top 16 single elimination. At the end of the Swiss, six players on 7-2 missed out. The players to qualify for the knockout phase were:

Dethelor (9-0), Tars (8-1), Dawido (8-1), TechnoGoose (8-1), StanCifka (8-1), Silasftw (7-2), Crane333 (7-2), erikbeck (7-2), Evangelion (7-2), C4mlann (7-2), Rubo (7-2), Cipher (7-2), Bunnyhoppor (7-2), Weasel (7-2), Fenomeno (7-2), kbushi (7-2).

The story of the top sixteen was Evangelion's N'Zoth, the Corruptor Paladin. Going into the final, the Spanish player had won all of his matches in the single elimination stage 3-0, all with the same deck.

In the final, he faced Crane, who had had a very different journey. Crane had won two of his matches 3-2, and the other 3-1. The lineups also couldn't be more different. Crane had brought an aggressive set of decks, while Evangelion's were very greedy control decks.

Crane's decks were: Yogg Druid, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior

Evangelion's were: N'Zoth Paladin, Midrange Shaman, Reno Warlock, C'Thun Warrior

Crane banned Warrior, Evangelion banned Druid. Unsurprisingly, Evangelion opened up with his Paladin. He defeated Crane's Dragon Warrior to extend his win streak with the deck in the knockout stage to ten games in a row. Crane ended the streak in game two with his Aggro Shaman, but Evangelion countered with his own Shaman, a greedy midrange variant, and took a 2-1 lead. He finished off the match by beating Zoo in the fourth game, and became DreamHack Valencia Champion.


Sottle's guide to this deck is available here. Some of the tech and stylistic choices are different in this list, but the guide will be fine if you want to give this deck a go.

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