Icy Veins Transmog Competition!

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With the release of the new wardrobe system, we've decided to run a small transmog competition! Check out the rules and prize for the winner here!


After ensuring all our settings were correct, we ran a multitude of bots over the posts to ensure that we could identify duplicates and the like. Every account was entered once that took part and a winner was found:


Congratulations to our winner and thank you all for taking part! If you're feeling a bit luckier this time, you can always go and have a crack at our next contest here

So, for those of you that don't know, 7.0 introduced a brand new addition to the transmog system of WoW. It allows players to unlock appearances and then use them to create outfits, rather than having to stockpile gear on your characters. It also enabled a huge amount of account-wide outfits to be created, with gear being picked up on alts. 

In order to celebrate what is, for us at least, a fantastic addition to the game, we want to see what outfits our users have come up with! We're only going to be choosing one winner from this giveaway, but they're going to be getting these amazing posters (49 x 70 cm in size)!


All you need to do to enter is post a screenshot of your transmog and you're set! We'll be choosing a winner at random from everyone that enters, but remember, the following rules apply:

  • You must post a screenshot of your outfit.
  • You can only enter once.
  • The winner will be decided at random from a pool of all qualifying submissions.
  • There is only one winner, who will receive all 3 posters.
  • The post will be locked on 1st August (00:01 CEST), so make sure to get your entries in before then!
  • If your screenshot does not display in your post, please repost your entry. It should fix itself after this.

Good luck to you all!

P.S. If you're looking for inspiration or extra pieces to finish off that perfect look, make sure to use our transmog guides! They list every item available for each slot, so you're bound to find something!

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Edited by Ederyn
Was told the issue was fixed and was asked to modify entry, so I have directly added photo this time.

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1 hour ago, Zarram said:

Here is my Paladin Transmog :D

Please edit your post. We fixed the issue that prevented large screenshots from being uploaded :)

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