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Resto - Clique

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So I'm coming up to Max level on my Restoration Druid And I'm Using an Addon called "Clique", I would like to know what abilities i should add to buttons and suggestions into what addons. I use clique on my Restoration Shaman and i use:

"Right Click"

"Shift + RightClick"



Something that follows the same kind of format would be nice! I do have Mouse 4 + 5 on my mouse however they are below my scroll wheel which makes it hard to quickly press them however if in need of extra buttons it will do! (I'm using Razer Naga.)

Thanks ALOT! 


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I have a logitech mouse with 6 additional buttons, and I`ve assigned some non-commonly use combinations to them (eg button 1 = alt+[, buton 2= alt+] etc)

Then you can use clique with those button directly and additionaly with shift and ctrl modifier.


- button 2 on your Naga could be bind to swiftmend

- shift + button 2 could be another spell

- ctrl + button 2 = yet another spell


This way its much easier to differentiate clicks then just use all avilable mouse buttons at once.

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Why wouldn't you just use the buttons on the side? I have the same mouse and was a bit disappointed when I saw the m4 and m5 button placement. My old naga had them at the top left of lmb and that was so much easier to use.

Anyway, my ui is in the image. You can see two action bars shaped like the layout of the naga buttons. The one on the left is my combat buttons along with my useful cooldowns, the one on the right is the targeted heals/buffs. That layout mirrors the bindings in clique, as well as allowing me to use shift to activate them in case clique dies mid-fight.


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I also use clique and and have a similar mouse.

LeftButton -> Rejuvination

Shift + Leftbutton -> Swiftmend

RightButton -> Lifebloom

Shift + RightButton -> Regrowth

MousewheelDown -> Healing Touch

MouseWheelUp -> Revitalize

MouseWheelUp + Shift -> Rebirth (I set it to this so I didn't accidentally use it when trying to rez outside combat.

FWD BTM -> Wild Growth

FWD MID -> Ironbark

FWD TOP -> Innervate

2ND BTM -> Nature's Cure

2ND MID -> Cenarion Ward


Ctrl + LeftButton -> Target clicked Unit

Ctrl + RightButton -> Show unit menu


This set up allows me to rest my thumb between all the side buttons besides Innervate which I will rarely use not on myself, and quickly cast every spell without having to move a finger since my left pinky rests on shift.


The buttons might not all be optimal as far as now I cast Regrowth more than Lifebloom, but I have had this basic set up since BC, and habits are hard to break. Then again having your instant casts with no modifier does have some appeal.

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7 hours ago, mahon said:

The buttons might not all be optimal as far as now I cast Regrowth more than Lifebloom, but I have had this basic set up since BC, and habits are hard to break. Then again having your instant casts with no modifier does have some appeal.

As long as it works for you, I see no problem with it :p

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