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Sottle's Guides for Karazhan Wing Three are Live!

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Sottle's guides for normal and heroic modes of the third wing of One Night in Karazhan are now available.

The third wing is called The Menagerie, and includes eleven new cards. Sottle's guide to the adventure can be found here.

Unsurprisingly, as the wing is set in a menagerie, many of the cards released this week are the ones that have synergy with decks that include multiple Beasts, Dragons, and Murlocs. A card from this wing that many are predicting will be powerful is Menagerie Warden, which is pictured below.


Menagerie Warden has obvious synergy with cards such as Stranglethorn Tiger, and this could be the card that makes Beast Druid a top tier deck.

Sottle has already published guides for two different variants of the now powerful Beast Druid using the above card, and more decks will follow soon.

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56 minutes ago, Spritey81 said:

Is it just me or has "heroic" mode gotten pretty easy?

Cleared all heroics so far on first try...

same here, but I do have to say; 'thank you, sottle,  for some great startegies ;)'

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Adventurers got easier since League of Explorers. Blizzard have stated that after Naxx/BrM they switched gears and fun > challenge for adventures now.

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