Medivh Tempo Mage Standard

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This thread is for comments about our Medivh Tempo Mage Standard deck.

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4 hours ago, TheEviscerator said:

If I swap out rag and yogg for 2xarcane giants,would it still be good?

Deck has enough spells to make giants cheap enough, and they are good threats on board. Not sure if they will fill the role of the cards you mentioned but arcane giants in general are not bad in tempo mage decks, as far as I tested.

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1 hour ago, Guest bloodmage lover said:

Would it be a good idea to swap one  Cult Sorcerer for Bloodmage Thalnos?

Stats are more important in this deck than the card draw, but sure, if you prefer Bloodmage Thalnos, go for it - the difference isn't that big.

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3 hours ago, LilArsynic said:

Just for the record, this deck is not a standard deck. 

Yeah, it is quite out of date, and has been a low priority. We will be changing the deck though, hopefully this week. Sadly, L0rinda and Pesty are currently unavailable, which means this could take longer.

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