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Yogg Dragon Druid Standard

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On 9/25/2016 at 0:23 AM, mgoetze said:

Saw this on Dog's stream a couple of days ago, I don't have a Yogg so I threw in Twilight Guardian instead. Deck is surprisingly resilient against aggro.

That's pretty brave playing a Yogg deck without Yogg :p

Let us know how it goes, anyway.

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It's not like such deck wants a Yogg that much. It just happens to be here and at a good shape. All those Druid mana spells, removal and card selection is the kind of stuff you'd want to run anyways, and you can definetly go over the top with all those Discovers even without praying.

If you don't really want a Yogg, a replacement that should be really fitting is Mulch, The Ultimate Bacon Saver. 3-and-4 damage pew-pews ain't killing everything. You'll thank me later.

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