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Optimizing Gear for Blood Tank Dps

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Hello guys this is my first post here. I play a blood dk and he has 525 ilvl gear and I recently started to hc progression and downed jin rokh hc. However, with the gear I have , I always think I can try something different to increase my dps as a tank. As far as I checked on other blood dks who are progressing hc, I realize they stack haste and strength in the purpose of making a really good dps in the fights. So I wondered that I can stack more haste and strength and in this way i would hit more death strike,get more self-heals and parry/dodge. However, I dont know how and in what order and in what limitation I should do this. Thats why I wanted to take some advices from fellow blood dks here in this community. How should I gem my gear, which trinkets I should use and how should I reforge to make the above mentioned idea applicable.



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Optimizing tank dps for heroic progression is really a balancing act between how much more damage you take, how well the healers can handle the increased workload, and how much dps you're gaining.

For the most part, I've found that keeping as much mastery as possible, but picking up a little extra haste where I can has helped my dps, while not sacrificing too much survivability. If you pick up a few Haste/Mastery pieces, you're basically exchanging dodge/parry for haste, and then you can continue to gem and enchant stam/mastery as you normally would. with just a 3-4 haste/mastery, pieces you can easily get to 10% haste (20% buffed) which should have a noticeable effect on your dps.

a few of the pieces I have and would recommend for optimizing tank dps are:

Crafted Gear: Both of these are craftable, and would be considered best in slot if your stat priority is Mastery>Haste>dodge/parry

inv_helmet_plate_raidwarrior_m_01.jpgHaunted Steel Greathelm

inv_boots_plate_raidwarrior_m_01.jpgHaunted Steel Treads

Valor gear:

inv_jewelry_necklace_134.jpgStriker's Battletags

inv_cape_pandaria_d_04.jpgSpikeshard Greatcloak


inv_belt_plate_raidwarrior_m_01.jpgCloudbreaker Greatbelt Drops from Jin'rokh

inv_pants_plate_deathknight_m_01.jpgBloodlord's Bloodsoaked Legplates Drops from Horridon

spell_nature_lightningshield.jpgSpark of Zandalar Also drops from Horridon. ** Special note, this trinket is absolutely amazing. You can keep the straight haste, or reforge it to mastery. the Str procs about once every 90 seconds +/-, and in addition to a huge dps boost will give you 9% parry for 20 secs.

There are a few other pieces too, but these are just the ones I happen to have, so I could find them and link them easier. If you can get a few of these you'll see a decent dps increase, and it shouldn't increase your damage taken too much, just don't go overboard on the haste. Make sure you keep your HP up, and don't start reforging or gemming haste, unless your over gearing fights by so much that its a faceroll.

Another thing worth noting is that dodge/parry will become a dps increase in 5.4, so while haste is great for optimizing dps now, you'll probably want some parry gear ready to replace it next patch.

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