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Blood DK: EN HC, Log review

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Hello everyone

My guild and I raided EN last sunday and cleared normal mode easy enough and because we still had time, we started a heroic run aswell. For HC, I started a log that includes the boss kills Nythendra, Il'gynoth and Dragons of Nightmare.

I am able to extract quite a bit of information for healers and DDs, but it seems that I don't really know what to look for, when trying to determine MY performance as a Blood DK (Yovana). I'm sure the information is there, but when it comes to Tanks in general, I'm struggling a little bit.

In general, I think I'm doing ok because I don't get complaints from the healers and I don't really die, but if someone could point out obvious mistakes or inefficiencies, that would be very helpful.

What catches my eye is the rather high amount of overheal of DS with 40%. I know that this is not really good, but then again, if I'm not taking any substantial amount of dmg, I'm not gonna sit on my runes and instead deal dmg with DS. So that explains the overheal a bit.

Note that we had to top off our group with random players (1 random healer and several random DDs).

Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/K6pPWQz2jGCrX9aM#boss=-2&difficulty=0&type=summary

Thank you all for any help in this matter and have a nice day


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Small stuff.


Get mark of the heavy hide for your neck, the 3k armor proc is tasty.


I cant see your bone shield uptime in the logs for some reason. Is your advanced logging enabled by any chance?

Overhealing will happen alright, 40% is high but not massive, part of the trick is trying to predict when your going to take damage to have some RP saved for an emergency DS when you need it but again you dont want to overcap RP either for too long.

You could probably swap out Rune tap for all fights apart from Cenarius and Odyn as FB is still pretty strong if you can keep your Bone Shield stacks up. 

As you gear up some more, see if you can get some haste (king stat) and versa gear as your versa is a bit low. I used to build for haste crit but the versa helps to smooth out damage a bit and increases healing and damage a good bit too.

Purgatory is a bit piss weak so try out blood mirror 20% reflected damage is nice and its a good boost  to your dps too which is always nice.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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Hello Shells

Thank you for the quick reply. I dont really know, why you can't see the bone shield uptime. Advanced Combat Logging is activated of course, so nothing should be missing...

Anyway: Rune tap was still in play after we beat Cenarius and I was simply to lazy to change it back to FB. I would really like to have a combined diagram showing the curve of my hitpoints, the damage received and my healing through DS...but I don't think that's possible, at least with the queries I've tried so far.

I'll try to keep in mind your suggestions regarding stat priority, that might really smooth things out. I agree, Purgatory has been nerfed substantially, but in terms of survivabilty, it is still the best choice, I think. It would be nice to have a 20% damage reduction every two minutes, and in this case, it is even better because those 20% will be redirected towards the enemy, but does it trump a out of jail free card in every bossfight? Remember: Purgatory resets on death now and will be available even after a wipe.


Thank you again and kind regards

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Good stuff. 


Bone shield is not showing up in logs atm for some reason. 

Its up to you on t he Purgatory end, I prefer BM as it adds to my dps and survivability and feels more impactful.  Thats the beauty of the talents in the last tier, no one is clearly miles better than the others, pick and choose to suit the fight and you.

Good luck with the tanking, good to see more BDK in action. We get an awful rap from ranking videos as we are seen as less optimal for first tier raiding but realistically, the amount of players doing that is quite small and most will have multiple alts in anycase. You might even see them rotating in BDK's once they have Mythic raids on farm due to the utility we bring to the table. 

For heroic and normal raiding we are very viable. Even for mythic plus we have our own tricks to use too.


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