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Disc priest in Heroic looking for tips

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Hello.  So far, this expansion has been a lot of fun =)  I'm making an attempt to do this expansion on Disc again, even though it's so different than the shield generator builds I've loved in the past (RIP spirit shell.) 

I'm not quite happy with my performance however.  I provide roughly 2/3 of the healing my allies put out, and 1/3 the damage that my DPS allies put out.  That's enough to make me squarely average, and I want to do better. 



I'm Zetajezu in these logs.  This is a parse of Yesterday's, and Tonight's raids.  My talents stayed the same both days.  Any advice would be welcome =D

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I'm no expert.. so i'll leave that to those who are, but maybe use halo instead of divine star for raids. That's just one thing I would suggest. You would heal more people around you versus having to have them stacked infront of you.

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Couple things to work on.

Higher uptime of Atonement on your tanks.

Replace some of those smites with Power Word: Shield.

I only looked through a few fights but I did not see you use Rapture at all and I think you could get a lot out of that spell.

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Anytime you have high movement would be decent I think. Specially if there is some raid wide damage coming up. Elerethe's Vile Ambush is a good example. You have to run across the platform but you know there will be a ton of damage coming in a few seconds. Pop rapture and spam some shields then get ready to dps burst those people back up.

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Your role is to burst heal with atonement through bigger mechanics. You need to be stacking more atonements before burst then using penance/LW afterwards.  It seems like you're keeping around 3-8 active most the fight.  Usually you want 3-5 in low damage phases and up to 12-18 atonements out for big damage phases.

You also want to strive to keep 100% uptime on atonement with your tanks.  You'll be doing some overheal there, but you also provide a good buffer.

Lose your damage trinkets - They're really bad on disc after the nerfs.  It's understandable if you don't have anything better, but you get much more mileage out of mana conserving trinkets.  Your current BiS is the 850 Promises Deck from Inscription.  Try and get that if you can because it will last as BiS until night hold even through mythic progression.   Otherwise, look for Amalgam's Seventh Spine (Black Rook Hold), Cocoon of Enforced Solitude (Elerethe), Flask of the Solemn Night (Court of Stars).

In 7.1 (which just hit today) Shield Discipline becomes your best talent for mana with mindbender going down the drain, and because of that Amalgam's Seventh Spine just became significantly better.  So If you can get a good proc on an Amalgam's and an 850 Promises deck you'll be set.


As far as Rapture:

Rapture is good at starting off one of your bursts by blanketing the raid in shields.  Essentially by going PW:S>Rapture>PW:S Spam>Rapture ends>PW:S You can cover a big burst and leave atonement on everyone so you can penance and make up the leftover damage that went through shields.  

Good times to do this in EN  (I personally use these) - 

Volatile Rot - When the tank gets it, pop rapture and start blanketing.

Ambush - While running, blanket, then penance when you're on the other side of the platform
Gathering Clouds - Start blanketing when the twisting winds go out, then when Gathering Clouds starts, your group will be absorbing, and you can penance for any extra damage.

Cursed Blood - Just use it while in heart phase and pop shield on those marked with cursed blood.
TBH this isn't really necessary and you might be better off DPSing depending on your raid.  This fight just isn't well suited for rapture use.

Roar and Charge - Do it wherever, but use it on an early one because Rapture's cooldown is kinda low and it's SUPER inexpensive with Shield discipline, so it'll be up and ready again by the time you're pushing the higher damage roars.

Just use it like you would in a 5-man.  With the group split, Dragons is a fight without many predictable bursts and you need to switch to a more sustained healing style.  Nothing to really pop rapture for specifically, but it's still a cheap way to get atonements out now.

When you drop a dragon add's health.  It'll block a lot of the pulse damage that way.

Like dragons, no specific place to use it, but it's still a good way to get out atonement and shield any priority targets.

When you can't use rapture, you're just gonna use PW:S>PW:R>PW:R>PW:S>PW:R or just 4-5x PW:R into your burst to do your raid healing.

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      I finally grew a pair and took my Disc priest into some pugs and decided to write some notes on my experience.
      First observation was that Leap of faith comes in a lot more useful than it should. Because so many mobs now drop "shite" on the floor, not just bosses, and because there are so many people who seem completely oblivious to that purple / green / swirly thing they are standing in, you find yourself pulling them out of it a lot. As my main is a ret pally, it is sad to say that it is predominantly Melee dps who are the culprits for this one, and the overwhelming majority seem to be Demon hunters (not sure if this indicates that a larger number of idiots are playing DH class or or if I just experienced an unbalanced number of them on the day)
      Atonement healing: Atonement healing is a great mechanic, but it only works if you plan well in advance. Discipline priests are not and never have been reactive healers, they have always been pro-active, and nothing has changed, now however instead of making sure your bubbles are refreshed, you are now making sure that your atonement is refreshed, so that you can spam your DPS rotation to keep those green numbers flowing. It is not worth keeping atonement up on everyone unless the entire group is taking aoe damage. As long as the tank is doing their job, the only people who should require attention are the tank themselves and the Melee dps who stray into cleave damage or damage pools. If you try to keep atonement up on everyone all the time you will have mana problems, as Plea gets more expensive the more people are buffed.
      Shadow mend: Shadow mend is your panic button. for those times when that Melee DPS just wont get out of the damaging pool, or stands in cleave damage, and their health takes a sharp drop, provided you have planned ahead, you should be able to throw in a couple of shadow mends whilst your DOT ticks keep everyone else topped up via atonement. Remembering of course that for as long as you are in combat, Shadowmend also applies a dot on your target, which can be countered with atonement healing but it is worth keeping an eye on them just in case they continue to take high damage for whatever reason. Your healing priorities are still Tank > Yourself > DPS (or Yourself > tank > dps if you are so enclined) so if you are having to spam shadow mend and bubble on a DPS (thus preventing you from atonement healing everyone else) sooner or later your mana will run out and you will just have to let natural selection run its course.
      Pain supression: to be honest I didn't need to use this often in dungeons, most tanks are pretty self sufficient in mitigating damage themselves, so its worth keeping it bound to a convenient key as a "just in case" buff, which based on my experience so far, is more likely to be needed by a melee dps than a tank. until the raids go live anyway. 
      Overall, Disc healing pugs was a challenge, and quite frantic at times, and you do take some schtick for pulling idiots out of danger but better than than taking if for letting them die. This was certainly one of the most fun healer specs ive ever played, and once i have more experience and better gear, i can imagine it will be even more so.
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      Hey guys, 
      So i've got a bit of a thing for being a healer at the moment. I've always dabbled in it on my pally, even on my druid once, but i LOVE the idea of the new Disc priest, where you apply atonement and then DPS, thus helping the raid / dungeon move forward.
      Imagine my excitement when i saw the beta videos on YouTube explaining how it worked.
      Imagine my dissappointment when i tried to put it into practice.
      I acceopt that this is probably my fault in some way but i cannot get past Proving grounds gold challenge level 4. There is just too much damage coming in, and I d not have sufficient mitigation, by half way through the encounter, I am pretty much having to spam Shadow Mend because the healing from atonement is barely noticable. 
      Im not level capped yet on this alt so im happy to believe that MAYBE this will improve once i am in class hall gear or something but I am close to just switching back to my holy Pally instead. 
      Does it get any better or is Disc a dead healing spec?
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