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Hey dude,

First off, your DPS wasn't bad at all!  You have a purely-defensive legendary bumping your ilvl up without contributing a ton of damage relative to those fortunate individuals who happened to find an Insignia of Ravenholdt or Vendetta boots.

A couple of things popped out to me (mainly because I tend to make the same mistakes):

One, you are right about the energy capping.  That is a bit of a problem, and I noticed that you also only had about 60% uptime on your Elaborate Planning.  Most of the higher-parsing Rogues I see running that talent end up with at or around 75% uptime on it, so spend more of that energy and aim for a higher EP uptime.  Sometimes that'll mean not squeezing as many attacks into your EP window, but it'll be buffing your Rupture damage a higher percentage of the time which will be big.

Two, you had about 80% uptime on Rupture.  This needs to be as close to 100% as possible.  Xavius has a fair bit of add switching, so I suggest setting up a focus target on the big guy (or some other similar technique) so you can keep track of his debuff timers while you are engaged elsewhere.  Always make sure to pop back to him and refresh the duration before it falls off, and try not to let AP fall off either.  Uptime on that was 95% which isn't bad, but there were 3 or so places in the fight where it did drop off which will affect your damage and your energy generation.

I have a lot of the same small problems as you do, and they really add up!  You're not doing anything grossly wrong that I can see; just work on fine tuning and you'll see noticeable gains.

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