Evermaw, Fatigue and Energy

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Does anyone else lose the ability to gain energy or hit at all when attacking Evermaw out of bounds when fatigue starts to build (drain?)?  Is this a bug, or is it Blizzard's intent to emasculate rogues against Maw?

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Item you should consider getting:

inv_helmet_49.jpgCursed Swabby Helmet


They help your swim speed, the second being enough to keep you with him. I believe the aqua jewel is still too slow.


Once you've got that, you can weave over into the non-fatigue zone and back in while attacking Evermaw, occasionally you won't be able to reach evermaw but it's worth it to keep yourself from dying. Also, there are rings under Evermaw that can increase your damage, so if you're keeping up with Maw that'll speed up the fight. Also, if you find yourself falling behind you can always get on a flying mount in the Time-less Waters subzone and catch back up to Evermaw.


It's fairly annoying, and definitely not something you should bother doing alone.

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