Feral aoe advice needed for mythic+

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So currently I am playing with Lunar Inspiration, Soul of the forest and Bloodtalons when I go mythic+.

It gives me alot of energy and I get to use swipe alot. But someone told me that I should play Predator and Brutal Slash..

I think feral aoe damage kinda sucks, but still I would like to improve my aoe and play with the optimal build.. What do you guys play with and how do you pull out as much aoe as possible?

Best regards,

Pellegrini :)

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I think feral aoe damage kinda sucks

From what I've seen myself this is probably true. Instead of trying to catch up with some ultra oriented ae class build, you may want to focus on killing high priority targets first like casters or targets that triggers annoying skills.

You won't be first in the damage meter list but you'll still be helping your group, reducing the amount of healing required. During boss fight you'll be probably be more effective than others.

I'm not a pro but maybe someone will confirm what I just said.

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Not sure if you're still looking for advice, but the build I play with lets me keep up with most classes in aoe, although it sacrifices a little single target I feel focusing on trash is much more of a priority in mythic+.

I go with either Predator or Blood Scent depending on the affixes. If it's something that needs everything to be cleaved down at the same time I will go with Blood Scent, otherwise Predator is good if you can kill things unevenly.

Next I go with Savage Roar, a 25% damage boost on Bleeds such as Thrash is a great thing to have.

Finally I go with Brutal Slash. Savage Roar really boosts Brutal Slash and puts out some great aoe damage combined with Thrash and those Shadow Thrash procs.

I'm no expert but this is what I roll with and it gives me a decent aoe output.

I hope it helps. :)

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I ran a M+4 and M+6 Darkhart T yesterday. On the +4 i had the same build as you pellegrini, with this build I topped the DPS log over a DH and Warlock on the last boss but lot in overall DPS, because of all the mods. Then with the +6 we I took  Predator and Brutal Slash with this my overall DPS in the dungeon did get a 30K bump, but on the last boss fight, I was 2de under the the warlock. 


So in my opinion, if this was a premade/friend group ask them what they need more AOE or single target. The icy-veins guide will also help a lot, it's a good read and the openers helped me a lot. 


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