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Hello everyone, i am new to rogue(assasination). Started playing wow after few years break and i would love to know if i am doing good.I have red a lot of posts here on icy-veins and worked a lot to improve my dps, so any feedback would be really cool. Any tips or suggestions from good rogues. Thanks in advance!

862ilvl - 22055 agility

My stats: mastery 135%, crit 28%, haste 5%, vers 9%

Here is the warcraft logs link (Xavius Normal):


Here is the other log (Nythendra Heroic), i dont know if this is relevant since i died on the end of the fight:





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Um, if I'm reading this correctly, and assuming you're Beli, you're in the 95-99th percentile for your item level. You have nearly 100% uptime on rupture, 100% uptime on AP, you're running the correct build for your stats, you have all the correct enhancements. Is there anything specific you needed tips for? The only thing I can think of is to use crimson vial or feint more often, just to help out your healers even though you're overgeared. (edit: Only on the Xavius fight.) I can't see anything you're doing wrong, but I am also pretty new to both rogue and Sin, so I wish I had more advice to give

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    • By Supaserg
      Hey guys and gals. I'm fairly new to assassination, my rogue was originally a SUB rogue, for legion I changed to Outlaw, and finally Assassination. I've been raiding now with it for a good couple of months with my current spec, I've tried to follow the icy veins guide as close as I can, when it comes to BIS, rotation, etc.  I'm struggling to get the numbers, I'm supposed to be getting according to my gear level.
      I am aware I don't have all my BIS, but I'm working on it. My guild is currently doing NH Heroic, and so far we are 6 bosses in. And most of the pieces I need are in the later bosses, so far we haven't been able to progress that far.
      according to warcraftlogs, my dps is in the very low end of the spectrum. and I agree, there is another rogue in my guild that puts out almost 35% more dps than I do, and he is at 898 right now.
      these are my logs
      these are the logs for my guildee, that whoops my butt in dps every time (he is a really cool dude and has tried to help me, but because of his and my work schedule I only get to talk to him during raid times)
      Also my rotation for single target goes as follows: Garrote-mutilate-rupture(5point)--mutilate-mutilate(5point)-envenom-kingsbane--vendetta--garrote(keeping it up)-mutilate-mutilate-vanish-rupture---rinse and repeat.
      So if you guys have any advice, on areas I could improve. I would greatly appreciate it.
    • By SStiil
      So i'm currently looking for an addon which shows the poison uptime on the enemy nameplate. I'm currently using KuiNameplates, but by default it only shows the uptime on me bleeds, and it gets quite annoying looking at the enemy unit frame for Surge of Toxins. Is there any way to add it to the display, or does anyone know of an nameplate addon which shows poison uptime on the nameplate along with bleeds?
      I thank you all beforehand for all help.
    • By Cei
      I've just started using the Agonizing Poison build and I'm enjoying it, but I'm of course still having the ever-annoying problem of not being able to do much AOE damage.  I decided to try switching to deadly for trash (then back to AP for bosses ofc.), especially in aoe heavy dungeons and it seems to be giving me better results.  I would assume this is due to getting more immediate effects from DP than AP on quick pulls..  Does this make sense?  Or am I just imagining things?
    • By Neshama
      I have simple question.

      What to do when Im missing one combo point and all my bleeds are ticking ??

      1. I have 4 out of 5 combo points, do I cast 4cp Envenom or do I use Mutilate or Hemo to get that one missing point and then cast full 5cp Envenom ??
      2. Im 5 out 6 combo points (with Deeper Stratgem talent), same as above, do I cast Mutilate, Hemo to get full 6cp, or I just dump 5cp Envenom ??

    • By Vanqueef
      So, my mates says I have really bad dps for a rogue. I don't really know why. I make sure to prepot, take advantage of set bonuses etc, pool my energy to 70% before I use envenom, have rupture up as much as possible as well. So obviously I make some mistakes at times, but I really don't think my dps should be as low as it is.
      Here's my armory.
      Here's logs from the past 3 weeks. Look for Vanqueef.
      if armory isn't updated I use double  [sorka's Chainfist] for combat (685) with mark of the frostwolf on both for combat. I use  [Fang of the Pit] and [Wild Gladiator's Shanker] for assasination. Both with mark of bleeding hollow.