5.4 Changes for DK's. Your thoughts

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Hi there, I was wondering what you people thought of the changes that will be made in patch 5.4 for DK's


Death Knight


Icebound Fortitude no longer costs Runic Power.


Anti-Magic Zone has been redesigned. The talent now reduces magic damage taken in the area-of-effect by 40% for 3 seconds, there is no longer a cap on total damage absorbed, and the ability no longer scales with strength.

Death Siphon had its damage increased by 10%.

Plague Leech now tries to convert 2 fully-depleted runes (up from 1) into a Death Rune based on specialization.

Blood: Restores 1 Frost Rune, 1 Unholy Rune

Frost: 1 Frost Rune, 1 Unholy Rune

Unholy: 1 Blood Rune, 1 Frost Rune


Glyph of Enduring Infection now reduces damage dealt by diseases by 15% (down from a 30% reduction).

Glyph of Mind Freeze now reduces the cooldown of Mind Freeze by 1 second, and raises its cost by 10 Runic Power (down from 2 seconds and 20 Runic Power).

Glyph of Outbreak now causes Outbreak to cost 30 Runic Power (down from 40).


Riposte is a new passive ability learned by Blood Death Knights at level 76. When the Death Knight dodges or parries any attack, they gain 50% of their Parry and Dodge as additional bonus to Critical Strike for 20 seconds.

Dancing Rune Weapon no longer costs Runic Power.

Sanguine Fortitude no longer reduces the cost of Icebound Fortitude.

Scent of Blood now also has a chance to activate when the Death Knight dodges or parries a melee attack.


Master of Ghouls now reduces the cooldown of Raise Dead by 60 seconds.

I think they make cooldown usage a tad easier, IBF and DRW now dont cost anything anymore. I guess the new passive ability (Riposte) is going to be nice for dps.

Glyph of Enduring infection and outbreak will both become notably more considerable to me (< blood DK)

and I will probably be using AMZ more often now.

any thoughts?


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The AMZ change is nice for the amount of damage it'll negate, but the short duration limits the usage to big bursts mainly. I guess from bad to situational is still better than nothing.

Lovin' the changes for Blood though. The ones mentioned here and the taunt threat boost which I think is universal for all tanks.

I'm interested to see if I can gather two tanking sets and if the difference is noticeable. One more control oriented with heavy Mastery, and one "avoidance-dps-tanking" set with lots of dodge and parry. As far as I can see, there's no mention of an ICD on Riposte so technically it'd be possible to have a very high uptime.

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The change in IBF is nice for DPS, saving some runic power and making it a more reliable ability (nothing change for tank, since sanguine fortitude used to eliminate the runic power cost).

AMZ become a reliable raid-wide ability, not as good as others (due to the low duration and small area of effect), but, its a improvement.

Glyph of Outbreak + Plague Leach could be a powerfull combination... I think a lot of people will prefer spend their runic power aplying Outbreak than in Runic Strike.

Riposte and DRW will be something to put DK in the same level of others tank classes, 'cause our DPS and threat today are lower. DRW will be a "on-countdown" ability.

I must try others glyphs before say something about...


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I'm already working on a dodge/parry set for 5.4 I've spent most of 5.2 stacking haste/mastery gear to increase my dps, and now next patch I'll be able to increase my dps while keeping avoidance stats. Sure, I'll take more damage than a mastery build, but I'll take a lot less damage than a haste tanking build.

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Nice changes for DKs in 5.4 as 14/08 patch notes.

Blood will generate more threat to compensate nerf in vengence, what's very good (and needed).


Frost DW and 2H will be close enough and Unholy slightly ahead of them.


More importante is the buff in indomitable primal diamond proc rate and now absorving magic damage too. Some guys will be upset because wearing DPS legendary meta gem and cloak are not an option for tanks.

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I'm glad Frost is getting buffs. I like the frost rotation better than unholy. Also unholy is going to get arguably is largest nerf this expansion with the changes to RPPM. It will be much more difficult to maximize the 'festerblight' style since DK's won't have the guaranteed trinket procs at the start of the fight.

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I'm glad Frost is getting buffs. I like the frost rotation better than unholy. Also unholy is going to get arguably is largest nerf this expansion with the changes to RPPM. It will be much more difficult to maximize the 'festerblight' style since DK's won't have the guaranteed trinket procs at the start of the fight.

Without feather festerblight will die anyway

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RPPM proc for unholy was considerably higher in comparison to other classes and specs through scaling with the talent Runic Corruption and both the attack speed and haste bonus in the unholy presence, I am not sure what changes they have done to the talent yet as I can't find any information indicating a change in the 5.4 patch notes. They changed the unholy presence which has reduced the rppm proc chance but not wrecked it. Disease damage will be increased as well with the 15% extra strength on top of the previous 10% since they scale with AP. When you get the 4 piece t16 though I believe that with the changes to the pets abilities to no longer go on GC and to cost no energy your pets damage will be considerably increased. So although there were changes to unholy spec which seemed as a nerf there is also signs that it won't be that bad. I think if frost makes a comeback and becomes up to the standard which can compete with other classes and also unholy then there will be a spec which is stronger in each encounter, such as Jin'rokh would be better for frost as it is a more stable damage output spec than unholy but on Tortos Unholy is stronger as you can kill/slow turtles, kill bat and do this whilst practically not effecting your single target damage on the boss.

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I really like the buff to Plague leech and removal of runic power cost for Icebound fortitude as it was annoying if you were a dps and you needed a cooldown and had to sacrifice dps for survival.


The soul reaper buff was quite nice as well Im not sure why the buff  you receive from it when your target died before the duration expired from 50-30% as i didnt see it as very powerful but not really bother as the damage has been increased.

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      CC and Disruption cooldowns:
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      Asphyxiate and Gnaw (ghoul stun) on the same height.
      These icon will only if the given ability is on cooldown. It will not if it is ready
      Often times there are so many icons on your screen counting down, so i made this to quickly find out what CC is ready.
      Apocalypse - Dark Transformation - Soul Reaper cooldowns:
      I put these in the same group, cause they are what i use basically everytime they are of CD (if im in range of my target ofc)
      They contribute to the very important sustained damage of unholy and it was important for me to track them close to each other.
      They will both bounce in and yellow text will appear when an ability is ready - Something i made so i never miss or forget one of these as i am focusing my target.
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      It will flash purple/white when there are 6-8 stacks, cause here you need to detanote and not reapply anymore festering strikes, atleast until it reaches below six.
      Offensive burst/go for kill/swap target cooldowns:
      I didnt put "Blighted rune weapon" in with the other sustain damage CDs because i feel even though it is good for sustained damage, it does not need to be used of cd.
      It works very well if you want to surprise swap to a different targets.
      There are stacks for BRW and timer for your gargoyle - Again, a very simple but very effective design, that tells you everything you need to know. These will also disappear when they are ready.
      Scourge of worlds proc:
      Very, very important debuff to track. Changes your priority alot of times in your rotation for the next 5-6 secs.
      Even though it could work with the normal icon and the design is cool, it is again. Not practical for pvp, cause u need ONLY to see useful info.
      So i made it very simple with a standard timer, so u never miss the debuff and it doesnt clutter your screen.
      Sudden doom proc:
      These can ofcourse be changed to any texture you might like better.
      1 bar appears with 1 proc - 2 bars appears with 2 procs.
      Again for practical use - Minimize the amount of numbers and bars on your screen with this.
      Virulent plague:
      I sometimes forget to reapply this in stressed situations. I made this aura to make sure it never happens.
      A white flashing icon shows when it is not active, a simple sound plays when it runs out and a white bar shows the progress.

      Really hope you guys enjoy it and will give me some feedback!
      I love playing around with WeakAuras and just as i have had alot of help from others designs i really hope someone can use mine.
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