Midrange N'Zoth Control Warrior Standard

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This thread is for comments about our Midrange N'Zoth Control Warrior Standard deck

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I liked this "new" format of the guide much better than the old ones. It goes over important things like key card usages instead of explaining basics that most of us are familiar with. I don't mean to offend novice players, but anyone who is looking for a deck guide from an experienced player wants to find something only a pro can offer - and that is unobvious advice on key cards and decklist choices.

And mulligan section is an absolute treat : clean, short, informative, important. Pretty much the best one I've read on the site.

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14 hours ago, Paracel said:

Pretty much the best one I've read on the site.

My thoughts exactly. Big fan of this new format, it streamlines what you need to know and, given that most Novice players will be using the Basic/Cheap decks, omitting certain information might not be much of a problem. 

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      This thread is for comments about our Control Warrior Guide.
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