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Help with my Resto

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Hey all! I've been maining a resto driud for about three expansions and I'm loving Legion! I thought I was getting the hang of raid healing, stacking crit & haste instead of haste and mastery, unless I'm running Mythic +, but today I was completely blown out the water by a pug resto with 15 less ilvls than me. Looking at logs, it looks like he was relying heavily on Wildgrowth (while not going oom... witchcraft!). But I feel like I'm really missing something about my class here and was hoping you wonderful folks could look over my logs and tell me just what I'm doin' wrong:

My Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Zingaraa/advanced

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/compare/qKghL8H1cNrfvjpJ/qKghL8H1cNrfvjpJ#fight=1,1&source=9,-2


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Additionally, random question, when you switch to cultivation & spring blossoms, is it worth it to also switch to gear thats more mastery & haste?


Thanks in advance! <3

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Well, this is a tricky one :)

I found a very serious difference in your Rejuv average healing per cast. Taking Nythendra kill, average cast for Glorey was 298K, yours - 182K. Pretty much the same in the other fights. 

There are three things that make the difference (and here I'm showing only the 'technical' difference without referring to any of it as a good or bad gameplay):

- first, the guys has much more Mastery than you do, 7878 vs 1920. While you are right about general prio of Crit > Mastery in raids, it still should be more balanced rather than completely ignored.

- second, that is even more important in my opinion, you have much much more overheal than Glorey in every fight - more than double amount. He casts faster and choose targets better.

- third, you spend a lot of time dpsing - it's not bad at all, it's a good thing - but adds to the difference too. Glorey is fully focused on healing while you are spending 15-20% of time doing other things.


Hope it helps. :)

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  1. Your Wild Growth healed for average 745k, only 745k, which means it was partially wasted on overheal and/or not buffed by Soul of the Forest - this is very powerful talent in Legion when paired with Prosperity and works miracles when used on Wild Growth in raid environment. With your gear level it should heal average 1,3-2,4kk per cast while buffed. Don't spam it, but considering resto artifact traits are heavily focused on WG use it wisely and try to prepare yourself for incoming damage burst by leaving one charge on Swiftmend, just to buff your next WG. Also prolong it with Flourish or speed it up with artifact power when needed and/or cover few buddies with Rejuvenation so the WG could benefit from mastery.
  2. Only 9x Swiftmend - with Prosperity talent it should be either used on cooldown on any target with low current HP (considering it heals for more than Regrowth) or to prebuff your next Wild Growth.

PS. As Pandacho stated, regardless of the talent choices it seems to be a good idea not to ignore your mastery completely. Personally I like to keep it around 15-20%, but thats parially because we don't have a designated tank healer i.e. holy pala or MW monk, thus I'm raiding with Germination to stack more hots on tanks. Besides it actually proves to be a nice choice for some fights, where raid members are spread or moving a lot, especially Il'gly'ugly'eye'noth or Cenarius. TBH I've never found a good use for Cultivation, additional heals seems low.

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Same old issue : 4 healers for 15 players, way too much !

2 is enough. You can still raid with 4 healers, the objective is to kill bosses... but HPS numbers dont mean anything in this case.

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Thank you all for the great input! I have switched up my gear. I carry a lot in my bags because 1) I'm a hoarder and 2) Just in case. I was trying to find good normalized and nonnormalized weights for both AMR and Pawn. Every string i found placed mastery rather low, so, bumping it up a little gave me a better, overall stat distribution (I hope) : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Zingaraa/advanced


I'll work on choosing better targets. This has always been my folly. Any additional tips are appreciated regarding this. I do focus Melee some, but other than that, yes, hots go wasted :/

Additionally, I advocated strongly for no pug heals, but my GM was all "I'm drunk and I don't want to heal too hard" I seriously think 4 is too much too. Which is why I did DPS during certain times because there was no damage goin' out. My guild has a history of running too many healers on farm content. I'm the heal lead, but my GM is an opinionated Canadian so my suggestions are ignored ;)

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In this case, simply ignore hps in raids and enjoy the raids as much as possible. Hide the skada/recount window. Throw some jokes on the vocal.

Go in mythic+ for the challenge, there's plenty of it.

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      Hello! I am Syanah. :) 
      Anyway onto the details. I'm at 904 equipped currently. My weapon is at 919 with two of the ones that makes Living Seed do more healing, and the one that increases mana regeneration. As of writing this I have 48 traits. My talents are Cenarion Ward, Displacer, Guardian Affinity, Typhoon, Cultivation, Germination, and Flourish. My haste is at 26%, my crit is at 17%, mastery at 11%, and (somehow even though I just kinda ignore it) versatility at 12%. 
      Ok. My rotation for large amounts of burst is normally wild growth, swiftmend the lowest, cenarion ward on the next lowest, then throwing rejuvs as much as i can before florishing.
      My tank rotation is just keep as many hots on them as i can, use Ironbark when it's off and when they need it a lot, and keep Cenarion on the tank taking the most damage.
      For large damage on people i immediately hit Ironbark, regrowth to stabilise if it's very bad, then other hots to get a better Swiftmend. 
      For my mana issues I first like to use what I call "manaburst". It's pretty much just a macro binding Innervate and Essence of G'hanir to work together. I also have Leytorrent potions. 
      For legendaries I currently use Essence of Infusion and Velen's Future Sight. I have The Dark Titans Advice, Pyrdaz, and X'oni's Caress. Trinkets I have Ephemeral Paradox, Etraeus' Celestial Map, and the Flask of Solemn night. I use Solemn night and Velen's.  I have my four piece in the form of cape, head, pants, and shoulders. 
      Soooo.. pretty much it'd seem like I'd be doing ok but honestly I feel like I don't do enough. (These aren't 100% accurate numbers, so be warned.) I usually seem to be around 400-600k, but it drops to mostly 200-400k at the end of fights. I raid in a heroic guild, so it's a little less important that I be the very elite of the elite, but still. There's 3 healers in all. Myself, another Resto, and a Holy priest. We have another healer, a resto shaman, who doesn't heal all that much anymore but still. Pretty much I'm always behind them the holy and the other resto. (They are really good though, so /shrug)
      Anyway I'm going to post my armory, and warcraftlogs. (I have no idea how to use logs so... here goes!) 
      annnd hoping it worrrrks
      Log I think if this works:
      I think I got it to show my healing from on of our runs... I think. 
      This is the most recent I can find. 
      So basically I just wanna know from some other restos how it looks, how to improve, and what I should look to do. Been worried that my healing isn't up to par with what a 904 should be so that's what mostly made me post this and because I wanna be the best i can be for my guild and our progression for Tomb. :)
      (Also I apologize if I this wrong. I have no idea what I'm doing.)
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