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ok so I got two replays, both I'm playing dragon priest and first one is against a rogue, 2nd against pirate warrior. I feel like at least the warrior one was pretty much lost from the start but the rogue one was just insane, he killed me on like turn 5 with effectively nothing I could do about it. Just to make sure I didnt miss anything I decided to just post em here. is there anything you think I couldve done differently, I probably wouldnt have won either anyways but is there any play I made you might find sub-optimal?

This rogue knows what he's doing

Is this warrior even defeat-able, sheesh




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Replay#1: I guess on turn 5 you should have played Drakonid Operative.

Yes, the Battlecry wouldn't trigger, but imo you definitly needed something on the board. If he would have attacked your minion with Questing Adventurer, chances were good that Questing Adventurer would have been at 2 hp -> Holy Nova.

If he would have gone face you would have been able to take him out with Shadowword Death.


Replay #2: I hate playing vs. pirate warrior too (Midrange Shaman) and loose more often then I win.

Keeping Powerword Shield was a huge gamble imo. You had no minion to use it on, you were first and you only got 3 new cards (2 replacementcards + 1 from round 1 draw). Having a bad start vs pirate Warrior seems like almost certain defeat (at least that is my experience).

I'd like to get some other opinions here - would it have been better to repick Powerword Shield?

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Thx guys, I did indeed see the shadow word pain on the buccaneer was a mistake, I pretty much igured the buccaneer was worthy enough for me to remove early since I couldnt make a great early game myself.

The PW:Shield keep was a case of doubt indeed. I decided to keep it mainly because in any card game draw is your most important resource, I figured I could at least cycle into better options soon.


Thx for this, I wasn't sure about half the plays I did in general in those games, hence my post ^^

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