Shadow Word: Pain — Priest Card

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Shadow Word: Pain is a Priest-only spell. 2 copies of this card are given to you with the Basic set of the game. You receive a golden version of this card for reaching Level 36 and 38 with Priest. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Shadow Word: Pain is a very flexible removal card that can allow you to trade evenly with a small minion in the early-game, or be used more effectively later to take out a bigger Midrange threat such as a Violet Teacher or Sludge Belcher.


Constructed Play

Shadow Word: Pain is an excellent card that generally rotates in and out of Priest decks based on the state of the meta. The perfect meta to be playing Shadow: Word Pain is one where there are many important early game cards like Darnassus Aspirant and Acolyte of Pain as well as Midrange minions with low attack such as Violet Teacher.



Shadow Word: Pain is a fantastic card in Arena. It offers much the same flexibility as it does in Constructed, as it can be used to remove a small minion early in the game, or gain significant Tempo in the Midgame by destroying a 4-drop or better. It is particularly potent in Arena since most drafts will feature at least 1 or 2 3/5 minions out of necessity.