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Hi All

Thank you upfront for the support. It has helped me a lot reading other people's post too. I need some help with my WW DPS please. 



I have also been on the Walking the Wind website and used that as a supplement. Rotation: FSP Kick in, TP > TOD > SEF > RSK > EE + FoF > SotWL > WDP > TP > RSK (not sure after this but probably TP > BK > TP > FoF to capitalize on the second FoF while SEF is still up from Drinking Horn).

I've started to focus on making sure that I have chi available soon as FoF or RSK or SotWL comes off CD. In the past I wasn't watching and would be starved for Chi at the last second and have to TP which is a DPS loss. But I'm still not sure why I am underperforming so much. Also please let me know what I am doing right and should keep doing. 

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you and have a great Christmas!




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Ok so I've done some soul searching and self analysis and have managed to improve my gameplay quite a bit. Looking back there were a lot of areas I basically took for granted, assuming that they "wouldn't hurt me that much" if a slacked on them. Boy was I wrong! Mostly the changes were just bad habits I had picked up: IE not being ready for spells AS they came off CD or simply not using some spells, like Chi wave or EE (outside of opener). That's all lost DPS. I'm also starting to notice that letting the Combo Strikes buff drop off, even once, is a BIG DEAL because to get the buff back isn't the problem, but to get it back to 8 stacks takes a bit of time, time that you could have been pewpew'ing with that 16% increased dps.

Ursoc Before: 248k dps  - Ursoc After: 305k

Dragons: 236k, 270k

Spiderbird: 221k, 283k (11m from Karma with the Legendary!More cheese please?)

Eye: 206k, 211k 

Cenarius: 267k, 345k

Xavius: 282k, 307k

For those interested this is the second log:

Still having some problems with a few fights, but going to keep working at it. 

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