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hearthstone Best of Trolden 2016

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Trolden has released a compilation of clips from his Funny and Lucky Moments series from 2016.

Trolden was a staple part of these pages throughout much of the year, and so it is great to have a recap of the best bits. Yogg-Saron, Hope's End was, of course, one of the most used cards in Trolden's work for much of the year, and he's done a good job of picking the truly ludicrous and avoiding the others. There's probably space for a "Twenty Five craziest Yogg" videos if he wanted to make such a terrifying video.

Hope you enjoy his work, and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2017. I have linked below to my favourite Trolden moment of 2016, the third clip in Episode #193.

Funny and Lucky Moments #193

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