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Hailstorm with Eye of the Twisting Nether in 7.1.5

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Hello guys,

I have the legendary ring Eye of the Twisting Nether, but Hailstorm is nerfed and should not be used anymore, is it still worth it to take this talent with that ring and do rotation with Frostband or not anymore? :/

Thanks a lot guys!

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From what I've seen, Hailstorm is only worth it if you have Eye & Akainu's (and nothing else available), and Frostbrand isn't worth using ever.

One guy simmed here:


In the grand scheme of things, it seems like our builds sim in a much tighter range than they used to. So it might just depend on what you're comfortable with. Personally I want to try out Improved Stormlash until I get 2pc or maybe even 4pc. I like a more relaxed, less mashy playstyle and I like the changes that allow us to do that.

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Currently Hailstorm isn't worth using ever. It just about breaks even if you are using the ring and the bracers in fringe circumstances (i.e. also using Hot Hand), but has a significantly higher gameplay input for no fundamental change in how damage is dealt.

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