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Another new Tavern Brawl is waiting for us this week.

This is the 85th Tavern Brawl and it's called Boss Battle Royale. You pick a class and then you get assigned a boss that you have probably encountered in one of the Hearthstone adventures. Each class gets a specific boss hero, which has its special hero power and a predetermined deck:

You can still complete daily quests depending on the class you initially picked.

Don't forget to check out each boss's emote! Let us know which hero/boss you think was the best.

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Tried it for a couple of games. Nice concept, if a bit RNG-centric to my tastes. For instance, I pity that poor Hunter who I faced in my third game: turn 1 his boss power gives me Toshley, turn 2 it grants me  Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound. (And as you can imagine, turn 3 he conceded.)

Should give us a couple of nice "WTF?" moments for Trolden to exploit, though.

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In my experience, Naz'jar (the Shaman replacement) does a very good job at getting ahead on board and the hero power really messes with the intended synergies in the other decks. 

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I chose hunter, because I have a quest to play 30 hunter class cards.  In my opinion, Skelesaurus Hex has the worst hero power out of all the bosses. RNG screwed me on my first match against Gothik the Harvester. I used my power on turn 1. It gave me Forbidden Shaping, and it gave my opponent a free Evil Heckler... I used it again later and it gave me a stupid Duskboar. On the other side, Gothik's hero power is Pay 2 mana: Draw a card. So yeah...I believe hunter to be pretty weak in this brawl.
I did, however, win my second match as Skelesaurus against The Curator. The RNG of Ancient Power was more kind to me in that fight. (Turn 2 Sylvanas for free)
I played a few matches as priest/Gothik against my roommate. I don't care much for him either (Gothik, not the roommate, haha). Win ratio is 50% with Gothik, but the deck seems so underwhelming. I find myself using hero power more often than expected, because I'm sitting on too many weak cards (multiple Crazed Alchemists, Corruptions, etc.) The spectral deathrattle minions are more of just a minor annoyance to my opponent. Depending on which boss he plays as, there are a few ways to remove them from the board.
Based on the matches I've played, shaman/Lady Naz'jar feels like one of the strongest. She was the perfect counter to Gothik. As enviousmtg stated earlier, her hero power can really screw with the synergies of other decks.
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mistakenly typed Forbidden Ritual instead of Shaping

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