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Hey everyone,

Im interested in the general achievable uptime of BoS, since I neither have the legendary belt, nor the T19 P4 boni, I can only make it to ~55 seconds with Hungering Rune Weapon + Horn, and I feel like Im doing something wrong here, because the second Breath wont have those 2 runeweapon charges and I can only get it to ~20-25 sec, while the third one goes to ~40 sec again.
I have a better chest (Kara chest)+trinket and shoulder, but the 20% increased proc chance for howling blast sounds to good to pass up, but at the same time Im making the mistake of trying to not waste HB procs, which results in RP loss overall.

Whats the uptime for those who have the belt, ring and t19 4p bonus?


normal 3 3 2 3 2 3 2 build
doing fine with the normal obliterate build, but got tired of it and wanted to try breath.


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Um idk a lot of it is not just spamming rune weapon when ever you want to, it's about using it properly like don't use it if your at full runic wait until youe like 30 runic then use it. about all the advice i can give and try not to over cap runic power if you don't have hungering weapon going.

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14 hours ago, Drtain said:

it's about using it properly like don't use it if your at full runic wait until youe like 30 runic then use it.

That much is clear and the guide suggests exactly this, and thanks to Necrofantasia, I can use it twice.

14 hours ago, Drtain said:

 try not to over cap runic power if you don't have hungering weapon going.

And thats it, Im not able to archieve this, the Frost guide even tells me to use FS when I am over 70 RP, but Im only able to get 70 RP or above with lucky Over-powered procs on Obliterate or having Hungering activated otherwise I run around 40-50 RP constantly, so i rarely even use FS.

Im just wondering if I should be able to maintain BoS on the target until the CD is ready again or if natural downtimes are a thing and if so, how long those downtimes normaly are with or without 4p bonus and/or legendary belt.
Its nice to have BoS going but once you have to wait a full minute to start it again - not to mention it bugged out twice for me at Star Augur, having around 80 RP, it went on cooldown, but stopped working the exact moment I casted it (without getting frozen by the tankdebuff of course).

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Minimum i would say you should -aim- for is 70 seconds I can get that just about 100% of the time, at least on the first one. I've had some last up to 90 seconds on test dummies, with only the ring. Maybe due to rng maybe not not sure.

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I have a hard time getting the first one to last more than 45 seconds.....It runs out just before PoF comes back up.


I also don't have the ring or bracers/belt, so I imagine those play a big part.


If you have the ring are you using both charges on first BoS?

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Yeah using both charges, 45 seconds isn't terrible without ring or belt, but my guilds frost dk is getting roughly 1 min on first breathe so maybe some improvement?

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Aight, Im doing better, getting to ~70 seconds now aswell, but with t19 4p bonus though.

Depends on the boss I guess, something like Elisande or Tichondrius (depending on the pillars) isnt that great for BoS, in my opinion.

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On 1/31/2017 at 7:48 AM, lethality said:

Stopitdad, are you using Horn of Winter?

No, running Freezing Fog for the most part. I get about 40-45s BoS with Horn with good RNG and lust and about 30-35s with Freezing Fog. I still can't see getting it to go a full minute without at least having the belt or ring. I still parse pretty well for my item level but I know there is always room for improvement. 

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On 1/31/2017 at 1:01 PM, lethality said:

I think the only boss people aren't using BoS is Skorp but I'm not sure.

many are using Frostscythe there to pad numbers

One thing to add to this thread is the value of BOS. So while as much uptime as possible is desired, getting even say 45 seconds out of it is very good. What it boils down to is that its a more valuable runic power spender than frost strike. Its not quite the situation in HFC where you need say 2 mins solid uptime for it to be worthwhile. So while improvement is always great, if you can't hold it up for minutes on end don't get discouraged, you are still doing a good job and made a good talent choice. After that, practice makes perfect :)

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