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Hello all.

I decided yesterday to try to setup my resto spec on my shaman.  Normally, I tend to play dps specs but after an interesting encounter during an invasion yesterday, I decided to try my hand at the healing aspect of my shaman.

Here is my current resto armory setup:

I figured I should ask before I leap into this.  I currently have Elvui installed but wanted to see if Vuhdo would be a better substitution for the Elvui frames for healing.    I know I need to setup Weakauras, but have yet to do so.   Therefore, some basic questions I have are:

1.  How to disable a conflict between Vuhdo and Eluvi frames?

2.  If I use only Vuhdo frames and not Elvui frames, can that be set differently for dps specs too?

3.  Since I move with my mouse, all my spells are on my G910 keyboard.  This keyboard has 9 extra "G" keys that I can put a simple macro on to use spells with or without modifyers.  I also am interested in how to setup perhaps two different skills that complement/synergize with each other on one key (even if I have to press said key twice).

Any help would be appreciated.  Please keep in mind I am a total novice when it comes to healing so simplicity while I learn is appreciated.   Thanks in advance.  :)


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Can you explain what you mean by "Since I move with my mouse..."?

Healing is like whack-a-mole so more of your actions are going to be mousing over a square (Vuhdu, Healbot, Grid with Clique/mouseover macros, etc.) and pressing a button to cast a heal on that friendly player. Then to add, you still need to be able to cast some instant cast spells while moving which means using your mouse to target a player while moving.



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I use W S to move forward and back, and bound strafe to A and D, but also use mouserun if the situation allows. You will get used to holding W, while at the same time doing a mouseover and 3 to refresh Riptide on the tank. And dropping your totem.

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Update:  I have decided to start from ground 0 and learn the class the old fashioned way.  

@nToxik, I am learning to use the WS as well as the strafe keys for movement when I need to mouse over for healing a target.  Its a bit awkward for me since I have always used hot keys to target with macros tied to focus or one of the other F keys tied to a party member.  But wow mechanics are so much different than those I ran into in Rift where I was a chloromancer healer, because techniques were vastly different since my damage did healing there....but I don't have that in Wow.

A few of my guild mates have started a static group to enjoy the game from 0-upward.  We are not using heirlooms just what drops or what we purchase from the AH or whatever a guild mate can craft.  Its not a race for us, but just a nice weekly run through for several hours to enjoy the lore and companionship over mumble.

But I've wanted to learn WoW healing for a while now and even though I have a high level horde shaman, I have not done any healing on her.  So since we are starting from scratch, I figured now is the opportunity for me to learn from the ground up, so to speak.  :)

I was trying to find a guide for this starter setup with some nice pointers, but can't find one.  Only the 100-110.  So thought to ask here and inquire about a simple addon that might be of help in the process.  I noticed others using Vuhdo so wondered about that.

So anything you can provide would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.  :)

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Personally I use "Grid" for healing and the rest is simply weakauras that I've designed for my own playstyle which is enough to play a healer as long as you have timers from DBM to get ready for incoming damage.

I would say the only required things at the highest content to make the most out of your class in terms of addons is just DBM, Weakauras and finally your personal choice of "raidframes". A lot of people simply use ElvUI because it's super easy to setup.

Also, I know a lot of people keep saying "Mouseover healing" but I've never been a fan of this myself since when I've tried getting into it I feel I don't have the same control but could be the same reasoning as why I use mechanical keyboard because I want to feel that I pressed that button 100%.

In the end, healing comes down to experience and knowledge of the fight. A healer must know the tactics in more detail since we have to know how much dmg is expected to come in before hand so we can prepare to keep a raid alive without wasting "panic mana".

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      Hi all,
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