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Buying Dust and Khadgar Available in China

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In China, you can now buy Arcane Dust with real money and receive a number of packs equal to the amount of dust you bought. Moreover, the Mage hero Khadgar is available in China through a Heroes of the Storm promotion.

People playing on the Chinese servers of Hearthstone can now buy Arcane Dust and receive as a "gift" a number of packs equal to the amount of dust they bought. For example, if you buy 20 Arcane Dust, you will get 20 card packs.


Image from Chinese site, re-uploaded by u/czhihong.

This may seem like preferential treatment, since China already enjoys some additional - yet minor - perks compared to the rest of the world. However, essentially Chinese players are still buying packs and with these packs they just get a bit more Arcane Dust.

This looks like Blizzard's way to work around the recently introduced law in China about participating in games with random draw probabilities. To comply with this law, Blizzard revealed average card rarity drop probabilities to the Chinese authorities almost two months ago. Pack purchases with gold may also be affected, since the Chinese law states:


Online game publishers - who provide virtual goods or services with any form of random draw probabilities - shall not request gamers to participate in such activities through a direct injection of cash or virtual currencies. (source)

A hero promotion is also coming only in China. Player will be able to get Khadgar via a Heroes of the Storm cross promotion. More than a year ago, this third Mage hero was made available to iOS users only with the proceeds going to World Wild Fund.


Now, players in the China region can get Khadgar in Hearthstone by winning 5 non-AI games in Heroes of the Storm in a party with friends. They will also get 5 loot chests in HotS if they get to rank 20 in Hearthstone during the July season. This promotion will run from June 30 until July 31. (source)

It is unsure, yet not entirely impossible, if the Khadgar promotion will be available in other regions.

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