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Play Dead and Rattling Rascal Revealed: Knights of the Frozen Throne

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Two more cards have been revealed, Play Dead, and Rattling Rascal, which brings the total to eighty-four. The full set will be revealed on Monday.

Play Dead was revealed by CreMasterHS.


(Image: Hearthpwn)

Play Dead is yet another Deathrattle trigger card, an effect that so far has not made an impact on the game. It is, however, very cheap to cast and so it will require testing to see if the archetype has reached critical mass. As an aside, the artist's interpretation of the card name should be noted as one of the best in the set!

Rattling Rascal was revealed by TaoMei


(Source: Hearthpwn, text unconfirmed)

Rattling Rascal is one of the more interesting Neutral cards in the set. Firstly, it is possible that this sees play purely because of the way that the tempo works out. Although the Deathrattle appears to equal the card out, first your opponent has to kill the Rascal, and then they have to wait a turn before their 5/5 can be used.

With that aside, the card also combos well with Evolve and Treachery. It seems that there are multiple ways to use this, which makes for plenty of discussion and testing options.

For a full list of previously revealed cards, as well as all of the information about the new expansion, check out our Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion hub.

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The problem with cards like this and treachery or just treachery in general, is unlike bribery, the MTG equivalent, there really isn't anything worth giving your opponent in hearthstone.  Sure you can get value out of some of these death rattle cards, but you are running a 2 card combo where both pieces of the combo are completely dead cards without the other, and that just doesn't work in this game.  Even if you pull the combo off, its still 2 cards and 7 mana for 2 5/5s + you give your opponent a 2/2.  It is no illusions of grandeur.  Even the doomsayer combo probably won't be ran, because unlike frost nova, treachery is just useless on its own.  A card has to be extremely strong to be a completely dead card on its own and still see play competitively, look at blood warrior and echo of mediv, the value they give is insane, but because the card is just dead on its own, they don't see play, and the value you get out of those cards are much greater then you can get out of treachery. 

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21 hours ago, ThunderChanter said:

Rascal may see play with the new card that gives your opponent a minion(warlock I think, I'd have to look back) 2 health isn't hard to deal with and it'd give them 2 5/5 creatures

Treachery is what you're thinking of. Vara is right though, playing such useless cards in the hopes of a single combo that isn't even very powerful is a great way to end up losing. 

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