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HCT 2017 Summer Championship Deck Lists

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The deck lists of the 16 finalists have been made public.

For the first time, Blizzard has posted an official article revealing the deck lists of the 16 players that have made it to the final stage of the HCT Summer Championship, along with some cool info.

All nine classes will be represented in the tournament, that will take place from October 13 to October 15. The least represented classes/heroes are Hunter with one, Mage with two, Warrior with three, Paladin with four and Warlock with five decks. On the other hand, all 16 players will bring Highlander Priest. Other popular archetypes are Jade Druid and Tempo Rogue.

Here's the breakdown of which classes players from each region are bringing:


Below the spoiler tags, you will find the deck lists for each player.

1. Amyks (Highlander Priest - Control Paladin - Jade Druid - Quest Warrior)



2. Baize (Keleseth Zoolock - Evolve Shaman - Highlander Priest - Tempo Rogue)



3. cocosasa (Tempo Rogue - Highlander Priest - Aggro Paladin - Jade Druid)



4. Empanizado (Highlander Priest - Murloc Paladin - Jade Druid - Tempo Rogue)



5. JasonZhou (Zoolock - Token Evolve Shaman - Jade Druid - Highlander Priest)



6. Nalguidan (Highlander Priest - Jade Druid - Control Mage - Handlock)



7. OldBoy (Highlander Priest - Handlock - Control Warrior - Jade Druid)



8. OmegaZero (Midrange Hunter - Highlander Priest - Tempo Rogue - Jade Druid)



9. Orange (Highlander Priest - Evolve Shaman - Jade Druid - Tempo Rogue)



10. Pavel (Jade Druid - Tempo Rogue - Evolve Shaman - Highlander Priest)



11. Purple (Tempo Rogue - Jade Druid - Evolve Shaman - Highlander Priest)



12.  Surrender (Highlander Priest - Tempo Rogue - Jade Druid - Murloc Paladin)



13. tom60229 (Jade Druid - Highlander Priest - Highlander Mage - Tempo Rogue)



14. Trunks (Tempo Rogue - Control Warrior - Highlander Priest - Jade Druid)



15. uya (Highlander Priest - Tempo Rogue - Jade Druid - Keleseth Zoolock)



16. YAYTears (Tempo Rogue - Jade Druid - Highlander Priest - Evolve Shaman)



Now that you know what each player will bring, perhaps you have made up your mind about who to vote for "Choose Your Champion". You can thus earn up to four Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs!

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