Hearthstone Inn-Vitational at BlizzCon and Potential Expansion Spoilers

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The announcement for the Hearthstone team tournament at BlizzCon may have contained some clues for the next expansion.

Since the 2017 Hearthstone World Championship finals will take place in Amsterdam this time, BlizzCon will host the Hearthstone Inn-Vitational. Four teams of three players each will battle it out in three different challenges. Here are the teams:

  • Jungle Giants: Kripparrian, Firebat, J4CKIECHAN
  • Big-Time Buccaneers: Disguised Toast, Ant, Alliestrasza
  • Grimestreet Grifters: Reynad, Thijs, Pathra
  • Chillblade Crudasers: Dog, RDU, NaviOOT

While the first two challenges seem pretty normal (Wild and Standard), the wording for the third challenge makes it look like either sealed format or a format using cards from the new expansion. The winner of each challenge will also receive a mysterious treasure.

Hearthpwn was first to notice that while the names of three out of the four teams refer to previous Hearthstone expansion, the Big-Time Buccaneers seem a bit out of place. We've had our theories on the upcoming expansion, which seem to draw on the theme of treasure finding. Pirates are also a good fit for this theme and the wording in the announcements also mentions a darkness hiding a mysterious treasure.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard Entertainment

Pull up a chair by the hearth, because you’re about to witness quite the event: Welcome to the Hearthstone Inn-vitational!

The Hearthstone Inn-vitational at BlizzCon 2017 will see 12 of the most intrepid adventurers set forth in search of treasures untold. The journey will be arduous, and they’ll need your fullest (moral) support.


Party Up!


Here are the brave souls who will compete in the Inn-vitational!







Kripparrian Disguised Toast Reynad Dog
Firebat Ant Thijs RDU
J4CKIECHAN Alliestrasza Pathra NaviOOT




The Inn-vitational Adventure


You don’t go to the tavern to sit by yourself, do you? In true Hearthstone spirit, each team’s players will gather around the hearth (or the desk, in this case!) and make decisions together while they play. The Inn-vitational’s matches will be played in round robin format, with three games per match. Each player on a team will play one game per match.


Challenge #1 - Wild
Our adventurers take on the challenge of the Wild! Teams will square off with preconstructed decks built exclusively for the Wild format. Will they fall prey to the likes of Reno Jackson and Azure Drake?


  • Jungle Giants vs. Big-Time Buccaneers
  • Grimestreet Grifters vs. Chillblade Crusaders


Challenge #2 - Standard

Ah, the tried-and-tested Standard competition. Don’t let this quintessential challenge catch you off-guard, though. There’s a lot to be feared out there in those dark dungeons.

  • Jungle Giants vs. Grimestreet Grifters
  • Big-Time Buccaneers vs. Chillblade Crusaders


Challenge #3 - Excavated Treasures

Our adventurers have stumbled across something shiny in the darkness—a stash of valuable cards! A tinny, hissing voice in the darkness warns that they shouldn’t take the precious cards, but what good adventurer leaves treasure behind? For this challenge, the intrepid explorers will be doing battle with the cards they’ve just found. Watch some of the best deck-builders in Hearthstone try to outwit each other!

  • Jungle Giants vs. Chillblade Crusaders
  • Big-Time Buccaneers vs. Grimestreet Grifters

Whenever a team wins one of these challenges, they’ll be awarded a mysterious treasure. What type of treasure, you ask? We won’t spoil the surprise, but rest assured they’ll need them for the hazards lurking in the dark. The most valiant party of the Inn-vitational will also earn an extra treasure.

No one ever finishes a daring adventure in just a day, so if you want to find out what happens to our intrepid heroes, remember to catch their exploits at BlizzCon 2017 at the Hearthstone Inn-vitational!

The Inn-vitational starts at 1pm PDT on Friday, Nov. 3, and 9.30am PDT on Saturday, Nov. 4.

P.S. If the adventuring life is not one you can stomach, you might be more interested in a Tavern vs. Tavern showdown.

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