Two New Warrior Cards Revealed: Kobolds & Catacombs

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Warrior needs some serious help from K&C to work its way back into the meta. Are these two new cards the answer?

It's no secret that Warrior is the worst class in the current metagame . After the nerf to Fiery War Axe the class has been seriously struggling to put up consistent results. As a huge fan of the class, it brings me tremendous pleasure to show you all the two newest Warrior cards to hit scene:


Wow! This 3 mana board clear might be enough to put Warrior back on the map. I love the design of this card, as it forces you to make all sorts of compelling decisions as to how much Armor you should attempt to preserve in order to get maximum effectiveness out of it. It won't always be a slam dunk, but its fail case of "5 mana, deal 2 damage to all minions" really isn't that bad. Control Warrior fans should be ecstatic to see this card.


Need some Armor in a pinch? This guy has your back. I think this card would see play if it read "Battlecry: Gain 4 Armor", which means that playing this into a board of two or more minions is worth your while. This card will feel incredible when it works and terrible when it doesn't, so I'm excited to see how it will play out on the ladder.

I for one am quite optimistic that Reckless Flurry will help restore Warrior to former glory. Do you think it will be enough to save the class? Let us know what you think about these cards in the comment section, and be sure to check out our Kobolds & Catacombs hub for more information on the upcoming set.

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5 Mana, Deal 4-14 DMG to all minions (assuming for the 2 DMG case you would much rather use your hero power) seems great and I love the synergy of these 2 cards: the wider your enemy goes on the board, the harder you hit him.


A fantastic and rather cheap anti Aggro and maybe anti midrange combo and every cards works on their own just as well? Let me just dust of my old warrior decks!

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I'm not the biggest fan of the warrior class, because the viable types are boring for me to play (against).

But these two cards (compared to a lot of rubbish revealed so far) look really good. Much less randomness even though the number or minions (for the Armorer) as well as the armor you have, or your can generate (for the Flurry) matter, it's something you have control over or you can directly interact with.

I think the Flurry might be even viable in a tempo warrior deck, but as I said I'm not the best with the warrior class.

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Eh... "to all minions" is a little rough. You're giving up your armor already, surely that'd be a good enough payment for the effect along with the 3 mana. Hitting your own minions makes it a lot clunkier. And it's not even as if aggro warrior decks could abuse it, as they'd have to worry about gaining armor in the first place, which they don't want to. Tempo decks, maybe, but still, managing to be proactive on board and gaining armor seems like a hard task, at least on the early turns... so at best it would be a sort of failsafe in case your opponent managed to slow you down and build a board.

I sure hope it is enough to restore the control warrior archtype, but if we're going to be honest, it's not happening as long as jade druid and possibly razakus priest is around. I sure would like to take the dust off my gromash.

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Yea, no doubt Jade Idol and to make the current combo in priest decks possible (I don't have a problem with cards on their own) two of the worst (and in my opinion embarrassing to the devs) things ever created.

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I think the main problem with reckless fury is that board clears are good care aggressive decks where your armor total tends to be low to non existent most games, however, it is a Dragonfire potion with shield block, plus the new little kobold synergizes well with it so I think it will see play.  The kobold is great, I think 2 Mana 2/2 gain 4 is very good, and I think that will be around the expected outcome if not gain 6.

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8 hours ago, Kuster said:

Eh... "to all minions" is a little rough. You're giving up your armor already, surely that'd be a good enough payment for the effect along with the 3 mana. Hitting your own minions makes it a lot clunkier.

I am so excited about this, because control warrior does not give a shit about his own minions and together with brawl and shield slam + Geist will be able to deal with almost anything but Razakus, I hope.

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