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Seething Shore Battleground in Battle for Azeroth

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Seething Shore is a new battleground located off the coast of Silithus that will be previewed in Patch 7.3.5.

Seething Shore Map (Patch 7.3.5 PTR)

This is the latest map of the zone, but Blizzard previewed a different version of the map at this year's BlizzCon.


Seething Shore Zone Preview

We looked at the battleground in more detail and it looks just like the Lost Isles, but with chunks of Azerite emerging from the ground.


PTR Video

Patch 7.3.5 Coverage

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i'm just happy there is a new official bg, not counting trashran i believe this is the first since mop

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btw i still feel nothing can take place of vanilla's bgs(arathi basin/warsong gulch/Alterac Valley)

played them for years but never get tired of them..

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2 hours ago, MZLICH said:

btw i still feel nothing can take place of vanilla's bgs(arathi basin/warsong gulch/Alterac Valley)

played them for years but never get tired of them..

I feel as though a lot of the designers for those kinds of maps moved onto other things, every time I look at them and play on them you can sense that these were made by people who had designed player vs player maps for years. 

Not to say that the concepts behind each map new and old doesn't have their merits and shortfalls, but looking at this map it may look pretty but the only symmetrical field of realistic battle (the area of maps where most realistic and objective contesting would occur, many maps have a large area nowhere near anything important or to use creatively, such as Gold Mines in Arathi) that I can see is covered in water by a third. 

Water movement and pvp really don't go well for some people, especially not if any of the objectives favour something like travel form. 

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I can't quite remember what the vanilla design of that area was, but I know it wasn't that.  It was just a cave on the far end of the southern border, right?  Maybe it was the Emps' vacation home or something. 

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      Blizzard is improving player reporting and implementing a new Social Contract in Patch 9.2.5 as a part of their ongoing efforts to foster a fun, fair, and safe game environment.
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      New Social Contract
      When players first log in to World of Warcraft after the 9.2.5 content update goes live, they will be greeted by the new Social Contract. This contract will need to be read and accepted before a player can continue into the world of Azeroth. The contract outlines behavior that will help make your experiences more positive and provides an outline of behaviors that are not acceptable within the game.  While you should only need to accept it once, there may be a future point where you’ll need to reaccept the contract to continue playing.
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      Streamlining the System
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      You will find more information in the blog post below.
      SEPULCHER OF THE FIRST ONES Cross-Realm raiding is now available on Mythic difficulty. MYTHIC+ With Cross-Faction Instances becoming available, the Cryptic Hero: Shadowlands Season 3 achievement now requires a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% of all players in your region.
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      Patch 9.2.5 will go live next week on May 31 (US) / June 1 (EU) with Season 4 launching later this summer. Here are the official patch notes for the update.
      The Shadowlands 9.2.5 content update arrives on May 31 and comes with a variety of features and experiences such as cross-faction play, new questlines for Blood Elf and Dark Iron Dwarf characters, a new PvP arena, and more! 
      Table of Contents
      Achievements Characters Classes Cross-Faction Instances Dungeons and Raids Items and Rewards Player versus Player Professions Quests Torghast, Tower of the Damned User Interface and Accessibility ACHIEVEMENTS
      All Covenant Sanctum feature achievements are now visible and count towards your character's total achievement points, regardless of which covenant your character currently belongs to. Nonetheless, all characters must belong to a Covenant to earn that Covenant’s specific achievements. Tower Ranger criteria now requires The Jailer's Gauntlet: Layer 4 (was Layer 8). The Dancing Machine achievement text now specifies that the reward is a toy. Anima Cannisters required for Kaal-ed Shot now respawn after General Kaal resets and the Slammed! debuff is no longer removed by immunity effects. Fixed an issue that was causing The Enlightened faction to not count towards the Exalted Reputations achievements. Fixed an issue that caused the Azeroth at War achievements to not be obtainable by players. CHARACTERS
      Removed the experience point reduction that is applied to level 51–60 characters while in Party Sync. CLASSES
      DEATH KNIGHT Fixed an issue that caused Bone Shields consumed by Tombstone (Talent) to not reduce the cooldown of Blood Tap by the correct amount. WARLOCK Fixed an issue that caused Scouring Tithe (Kyrian Ability) to grant both the death and survive effects when used against certain enemies. CROSS-FACTION INSTANCES
      Players are now able to directly invite members of the opposite faction to a party if you have a BattleTag or Real ID friendship, or if you are members of a cross-faction WoW Community. Premade Groups in the Group Finder listings for Mythic dungeons, raids, or rated arena/RBGs are now open to applicants of both factions, though the group leader may choose to restrict the listing to same-faction applicants if they so choose. WoW Communities now have the option to be cross-faction, while Guilds will remain single-faction. Random matchmade activities like Heroic dungeons, Skirmishes, or Random Battlegrounds will all remain same-faction. [LEARN MORE] The following instances are not cross-faction: Trial of the Champion Trial of the Crusader Vault of Archavon Icecrown Citadel Baradin Hold Siege of Boralus Battle of Dazar'alor Darkmaul Citadel (Exile's Reach dungeon) DUNGEONS AND RAIDS
      SEPULCHER OF THE FIRST ONES Cross-Realm raiding is now available on Mythic difficulty. MYTHIC+ With Cross-Faction Instances becoming available, the Cryptic Hero: Shadowlands Season 3 achievement now requires a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% of all players in your region. ITEMS AND REWARDS
      Broker Mark of Distinction now increases the Renown of your currently active Covenant to 60 (was 40). Renown catch-up is accelerated through Renown 60 (was 48). These activities will now have a 100% chance to reward 1 Renown upon completion: Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons Torghast Layers 9-16 Defeating a Shadowlands raid boss encounter Winning a Rated Battleground Reward boxes from Callings now contain twice as many Grateful Offerings, still scaling with your covenant sanctum's Anima Conductor level. The Zereth Mortis weekly quest "Patterns Within Patterns" now awards Grateful Offerings. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Blizzard Shop transmog cosmetics to temporarily disappear from your collection. Fixed an issue where Jingles battle pet would display as "Unknown" when summoned and its wreath and candy cane accessories were the incorrect size in the Pet Journal. PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER
      NEW ARENA: ENIGMA CRUCIBLE SOLO SHUFFLE BRAWL The minimum item level requirement to queue has been raised to 252 (was 239). Fixed an issue that caused some abilities to not be removed from players in between rounds. Fixed an issue that caused a round to not reset properly if a player on each side of the brawl died at the same time. DEATH KNIGHT Anti-Magic Zone's spell damage reduction increased to 50% (was 20%) in PvP combat. Dome of Ancient Shadow (PvP Talent) has been removed. WARLOCK Demonic Embrace now increases your Stamina by 20% (was 10%) in PvP combat. Demon Armor (PvP Talent) has been removed. AFFLICTION New PvP Talent: Shadowfall – Gain the Nightfall talent with 100% increased chance to gain its effect. If you already have this talent, you may select another in the same row. PROFESSIONS
      Increased the experience points earned when crafting Specialized Armor and Jewelry for creating Runecarving items by 400%. QUESTS
      Blood Elves can start a quest to earn a new mount, weapon appearance, and the Blood Knight armor set for Blood Elf Paladins by speaking to Liadrin in Oribos. Requirements: Level 60 and Exalted with Silvermoon. Dark Iron Dwarves can start a quest to earn a new mount and weapon appearances by speaking to Anvil-Thane Thurgaden in Shadowforge City, Blackrock Depths (accessed via Mole Machine). Requirements: Level 50. TORGHAST, TOWER OF THE DAMNED
      All wings are now open (was 2 wings available per week). Layers 1–8 are now unlocked by default. Layers 9–12 now unlock after completing Layer 8. Layers 13–16 now unlock after completing the previous Layer. USER INTERFACE AND ACCESSIBILITY
      All search filter dropdowns now have a button that lets you easily remove all active filters. The default hand cursor now has new, higher resolution art for its larger sizes under Interface Options → Accessibility.  The Report Player pane has been redesigned, with new categories added. To view all content update notes, click here.
      For World of Warcraft customer support, please visit our Support Site or our Customer Support discussion forum. If you’ve found a bug, please let us know about it in our Bug Report Forum.
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