Just came back....WTF am I doing?!

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Hi all, new here and just returning to WoW. I haven't played hardcore since vanilla so a lot of this info is new to me and some I don't fully understand. 

I've been back for about 3 weeks. My iLvl is around 930 (the items listed may not be 100% updated as I am working on enchants and such as we speak but this gets you pretty close to where I'm at!), but I am continually Fury starved. I JUST ran my first clear of Antorus tonight, got zero set pieces and have ran LFR twice and also received zero set pieces. 

I am sure my logs are trash (don't even know how to get them and actually apply the knowledge though). So is my DPS (imo anyhow). But not much I can do when I have such a hard time with Fury. I posted on the Blizz forums and got some responses telling me to get set pieces and such but short of that I think my haste is a horrible issue (11.5%). I just got the leggie ring for completing Antorus and it's a significant upgrade to one of my current rings. But since I am at 40% crit, 11.5% Haste and 38% mastery, should I socket that ring with Haste and maybe even enchant it with haste rather than crit? I know crit is the heaviest weighted stat for us (I also have a 200 agi gem in my chest which I didn't know what to get at the time so I could also switch that agi out to a 200 haste gem, so I would end up with 200 haste from chest, 400 haste from ring) but I am trying to find a happy medium to generate Fury more consistently and still crit for my Chaos Strike.

At this point, I really don't know what to do to improve it, other than get more/better gear. Another issue with that is, just coming back I am rusty and without good gear I'm not gonna be able to get a regular guild that can run this stuff. So, it's kind of a chicken vs the egg issue. Are there any ideas/suggestions you guys can share with me?

Any info is much appreciated. Thanks and take care all! 

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Nobody? Over 200 views and no help/input? 


Have got some better items recently, Fury starvation is still a thing but less so. I've watched so many videos on mechanics/rotations etc etc....couple key things I learned that I can at least pass along (might seem noob to you guys but just returning after not playing since Vanilla, it's like a whole new game):


When having issues with Fury, (assuming the DB spec) Throw Glaive is great during down time. I had not paid enough attention and thought it had a Fury cost. It is free. And hitting multiple targets = extra chances to proc Fel Blade. 


Made a macro which I use for the start of every boss fight incorporating Potion, CB, Nem and Blade Dance (or wtf ever it's called), which has helped with my initial burst and being consistent with it. 


Since I have 0 tier pieces Unless there are 4 or more mobs, I try to stay away from Eye Beam (to take this a step further, I have really cut down on all my abilities, I used to use some here and there and just kind of random. I've massively reduced my Fel Rush usage unless I am using it into a fight, where I used to spam it MUCH more frequently, even without being speced into it. So, Fel Blade, Chaos Strike, Blade Dance, Throw Glaive are the abilities I use a vast majority of the time. It is more focused and saves the Fury for my Chaos Strike, where in the past I was inefficient, using Fury for Eye Beam and Chaos Nova etc etc when they weren't needed or economical). 


Again, some or most of this may seem trivial to a lot of you guys that are hardcore theory crafters who have played for several years straight and played DH since it released. None of that criteria applies to me lol. So, just some relevations I have had on my own as I try to get better.


Still, looking for more input! Thanks


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On 12/19/2017 at 4:55 PM, Wik said:

Still, looking for more input! Thanks

Sorry! Been away for the holidays, but:

Everything you've put up top is great in theory, but you do things very differently when in the pressure of a fight scenario. Check out this page (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/help/start/) and remember to enable Advanced Combat Logging. 

I'll take a look at a log of yours (preferably from Garothi Worldbreaker) and I can learn a lot more about what your issues are.

For gearing, there's two ways to check out what your upgrades are/best stats are:

  1. Stat weight sims.
  2. Gear comparison sims.

For a stat weight sim, you get a simple set of numbers that tell you how much DPS a single point of a stat will add to your character. The problem with these is that they become outdated as soon as a single point is added, meaning it can end up being the wrong choice to add a piece of gear because you gain 200 Haste instead of 100, for example. At 100, your weight might drop dramatically and suddenly that extra 100 Haste is worth far less.

My preferred style is gear comparison sims. Keep any gear you get and sim it on RaidBots (https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/gear). You can keep comparing and see which one puts out the highest simulated DPS.

Also make sure to keep an eye on multi-target sims if you're comparing trinkets.

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Thanks for the reply! 


I have been learning, but other than the loot aspect, I feel like I am hitting a wall on my DPS and it just isn't good enough lol. I hear about "parsing" but no clue how I do with that (guessing awful!) which is why my DPS isn't being maximized. 


My gear is up to 950 but it isn't at all optimized which I think is also a major issue but other than grinding M+ and Raids I don't know what else to do to fix that! 

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Just to add, which I am sure you can see once you look me up, I had the fortune of getting my T21 4 piece tonight along with Golganeth's Vitality trink and had 2 pantheons....so I just respeced to demonic although I am still not optimized for the build....really need the Felreeper gloves and the legi helm I think...the BIS page is a little confusing to me because it shows Amun'thuls as BIS Trink but no other legi items so not sure which 2 should be my priority for this build...SEEMS like the head piece and either the symbiote waist or the shoulders (which I already have!). 


LOL Sorry for so many comments and questions....is there a Disc channel for DHs or where I can get with people to talk? LOL That would be huge! 

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On 12/30/2017 at 6:14 AM, Wik said:

I have been learning, but other than the loot aspect, I feel like I am hitting a wall on my DPS and it just isn't good enough lol. I hear about "parsing" but no clue how I do with that (guessing awful!) which is why my DPS isn't being maximized. 

This is what I linked above with logs. Parse % is how well you perform in your log compared to others. There's a DH discord, but very few people will offer help without you offering a log. There's just so many variables in playstyle that need to be checked beyond gear. 

For legendaries, it's Ring + Helm or Ring + Shoulders, with Sephuz being viable when you can consistently proc it.

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