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So, i've been struggling with the new Demonic T21 build. I engage with Fel Rush, then Nemesis + Fury of the Illidari, then Demon Bite until i can Eye Beam, then i Meta and spam Chaos Strike until i run out of fury, Eye Beam again and keep spamming Chaos Strike. Problem is, doesn't seem to be working, my dps was about 1,6M on vari, but my SimDPS for this build is over 1,9M.

Here's a link to my sim:

When i use T20 build, i hit about 1,8M, close to my SimDPS for that build, without any problems at all. So, i need someone to shed me some light on this matter xP

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No one posts here anymore, apparently. I just recently came back to the game and posted a while back, over 500 views with zero replies. 


I wish I could help but being new back all of this is new to me and no one has bothered to respond to either of us. I think at this point posting on the dreaded WoW forums and hoping you get someone who actually knows something there. I feel like we come here to avoid that lol but so far no responses. 


Anyhow, GL to you, hope it works out and you can find a solution. If so, please share it here....just got my first T21 piece last night so hopefully I will be going to this build soonish! 

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Sup buddies, sry If you guys ain't getting as much answers as desired. People are probably busy, idk. 

I'm not an authority on DH matters too, but I can appoint two things on your case, Leyllara. First one is: Your simulation on Raidbots is considering a parse of 300s fight lenght. That's kinda unrealistic. For example, look at your Wowprogress simulation (that uses the most updated SimulationCraft build, but with a 450sec lenght You're simming 1.57kk; pretty close of what you're achieving right now.

Other than that, your opener is correct, and probably your rotation as well; the only thing that can (or cannot) be happening here and there is wasting some soul fragments, therefore losing the CDR on EB it provides (I personally still forget to strafe my character constantly to catch'em, sometimes).

Well, that being said, I only can explain your bigger parses using the traditional Build with it being really more bursty and familiar to you. T21 has a better sustained DPS. Still doesn't compares with the Chaos Blades burst at all.

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Sorry for the delay - just picking up posts after the holiday season.


I could only find one log of you using Demonic on Garothi, so I'm going to have to use that one for now. On that log, you parsed at 76%, with 25% in your item level bracket.

  • Your opener is wrong. You are waiting far too long to trigger Meta after using Eye Beam. As soon as Eye Beam finishes, you should be popping Meta.
  • With a 10-second recharge, a tiny GCD and no need to reposition, why are you barely using Fel Rush? You can save it for the slam, but there are 1 minute windows where you don't touch it.
  • You use your potion at a completely useless time. Why not save it for execute phase where your group pops Bloodlust and you have Meta up for the duration of the buff?

With better luck on crits (+5-6% more all round) and fixing these things, you'd have had a 80-85% parse. Your lack of Mastery for Demonic is also an issue.

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as for the moment with demonic build, i see no reason at all to use fel rush, since that gcd would be better used on a Demon's Bite (it's hard to fill GCDs with 160+ ping, thanks blizz for BR servers not being on brazil) to actually generate some fury. as for the potion, i'm not really sure when to use a second prolonged, since i've been using old war with bursts forever. the meta issue, well, since demonic talent only stacks once with meta, i was thinking of having more meta uptime by letting first demonic fade, then meta and eye beam again, going to 8 + 38 meta seconds. i'll go with these tips and see what i get, but for now i'm going mythic with my t20

Also, if you are aware of some way to track soul fragments besides looking for them in the middle of the fights, i'd be grateful.

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