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Are there achievements in Hearthstone?

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Yes, Hearthstone does have achievements, but the system is different from the ones found in World of Warcraft or Steam. Achievements in Hearthstone have the form of one-time quests, often referred to as Unique quests, and are usually hidden, which means that you cannot check whether you have already completed them or not. They provide you with decent rewards, ranging from a card back to 300 gold.

Requirement Reward
Win 100 games in any mode 300 gold
Win 1000 games in any mode 300 gold
Disenchant a card 95 Arcane Dust
Obtain every card from the Classic set 100 gold
Reach Legend rank Legend card back
Open a Whispers of the Old Gods pack C'Thun, 2x Beckoner of Evil
Recruit a friend and let him reach level 20 Morgl (alternative shaman hero)
Obtained for more recruits reaching level 20, up to 4 1 Classic card pack
Play on iPad/iPhone/Android phone/tablet 1 Classic card pack each
Play on Samsung Galaxy S6 3 Classic card packs, Galaxy Gifts card back
Play 3 matches against other players during a Fireside Gathering Fireside card back
Participate in a Fireside Gathering in a Fireside Gathering tavern Nemsy Necrofizzle (alternative warlock hero)

If any of the quests featured on this list have been removed from the game, or any quests are missing from this list, please, let us know.

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