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Spiteful Druid Archetype

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Guest Besage

I would suggest Blackwald Pixie over Nightmare Amalgam. This deck doesn't seem to use any tribe synergies and is at risk against any tech cards: (crawler, dragonslayer, etc). Benefit of that card (besides the battlecry) is that it's a common instead of epic too. Also I wouldn't mention adding Golakka Crawler as card swap since it ruins Keleseth, or play a version without keleseth altogether. Anyway, good luck with the deck and have fun!

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Does anyone else think when a currently pretty strong deck that includes just a handful of class cards along with the rest being neutral ones because they are so damn strong, something is not right?

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Since KoFT adventure, neutral cards are way more powerful in average than class cards. That's the most likely explanation.

Another reason is, Spiteful decks has a lot of tech cards, which are almost always neutral.

Yet another reason, this one is class specific, druid has more spells than minions, and most of them are very cheap. So, Spiteful gets weaker if you add more class cards.

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