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Fresh Alliance Reroll LF members

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Returning to WoW for BFA?
Tired of jumping from one guild to another?
In a guild where people just sign on for raiding but there is no community?
Want to raid seriously but on a 2 day schedule?
Regardless of what your situation is, we have the answer for you...

Storm, a fresh Alliance Reroll on Dalaran is recruiting. While we aim to begin raiding in Legion, our true focus will be to establish a successful AotC and Mythic raiding guild for BFA.

What we offer:
- Dedicated officer core that is already established
- Structured leveling approach to encourage/support a sense of community
- Dedicated website
- Private Discord server
- Bags will be provided to all members
- Guild Bank open for repairs
- Voluntary non-raiding events scheduled weekly for all members
- Very structured approach to raiding
- All raids will be lead by an experienced and successful mythic raid leader

What we are looking for:
- Players that are committed and serious
- Players that are looking to raid in BFA
- Players that are looking for a community feeling within the guild, no reason to search externally for anything
- Players that are looking for a permanent home

Raid Schedule:
Friday: 9PM - 12AM EST
Saturday: 9PM - 12AM EST

Leveling Schedule:
Start date April 30 - Only level 1 toons / 20 if allied race will be invited
April 30 - May 9 (1-60)
May 10 - May 19 (60-80)
May 20 - May 29 (80-100)
May 30 - June 8 (100-110)
June 9 - June 21 (Gearing Up)
June 22 - 23 (Nighthold Normal)
June 29 - 30 (Tomb of Sargeras Normal)
July 6 - 7 (Antorus Normal)
July 13 - 14 (Antorus Heroic)

Sound interesting? What you're looking for? Find out more details and apply on our website:

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    • By Recruiter2018
      We are looking for reliable, responsible and dedicated players to be officers in the reroll project we will be starting. This will be an alliance guild focused on raiding on a two night a week schedule. All officers are expected to be very active in the guild. They will be responsible for everything from helping create guild events, running guild mythic groups, keeping an eye on the guild community, etc. Discord will be mandatory and the officers should be comfortable talking to new people in order to help foster relationships. We will be looking for 5 officers whose roles are listed below.

      Melee Officer (1) : will be responsible for helping tanks and melee dps with rotation and character builds. Preferably a tank themselves. Should have a decent knowledge of all classes that fall into this spectrum.

      Ranged Officer (1) : will be responsible for helping healers and ranged dps with rotation and character builds. Preferably a healer themselves. Should have a decent knowledge of all classes that fall into this spectrum.

      Raid Leader (1) : responsible for researching fights for guild raids. Will handle all call outs during raid. Should know the spells/uses of most classes/specs in order to know their usability/viability in a raid.

      General Officers (2) : help GM maintain website and discord. Help keep bank organized. Assist with everyday guild interactions and help foster a social community.

      If you are interested in any of the above positions please apply at rerollofficer.guildlaunch.com.
    • By Zanaran
      Hey everyone! I’m here to introduce a new Legacy reroll guild. If you’re at all interested, take a peek at our website: https://www.sudsguild.com/
       TLDR: New guild that's running old-world content in a reasonably true to period way looking for members. Look at the above website.


                 <SUDS> is a new community oriented legacy guild seeking members to join us for our upcoming launch on June 14th, 2017.  We are an ambitious group that will be approaching old content in unique and exciting ways. In contrast to other legacy guilds that have come and gone, we offer a dedicated core membership as well as a concrete structure for legacy play.

                 <SUDS> absolutely refuses to be another legacy guild that goes belly up in a week. How many guilds have been created to “experience old content the way it was meant to be” only to burn out after two weeks of play? Legacy guilds have earned a reputation for being whimsical pet-projects destined to be thrown to the curve. That is not who or what we are. Rather, we are offering an entirely new, detailed, framework from which we will operate.
      The core membership has a decade long history of gaming together. We’ve been looking for something to do as a group and Legacy WoW struck the perfect chord. Some of us have significant experience in WoW, a couple are brand new -- which presents its own sort of excitement. As for myself, I've played since Vanilla and spent most of WotLK and Cataclysm looking for a solid legacy or reroll guild. I must have joined a dozen, including spending a bit of time in Screams of the Past towards the end of their reign. Most of the guilds I joined were disappointments. Reroll guild leadership too often lacks leadership or direction and loses steam in a couple of weeks. Level 60/70 guilds are often cold places, filled with the inactive alts of those looking for a novelty experience or curmudgeons irrationally bitter about changes to the game.
      The notion of legacy guilds was in the back of mind up until the Nostalrius fiasco when I realized just how many others were looking for a community to do this content. When all of us were looking for something new it seemed the perfect opportunity to give a Legacy experience in WoW the best shot possible. While legacy guilds have a well-earned reputation for being flaky and frivolous, SUDS is determined, beyond all else, to prove itself.
      If you’re at all interested in what I’ve been saying please hop over to our website: sudsguild.com. We’re all incredibly excited to find more founding members to join us on June 14th and can’t wait to see the ideas and personality everyone brings to the group.


      1.      Clear Rules & Expectations:
      All rules and expectations regarding how we handle classic content can be found on our website at sudsguild.com. There should not be any worrying about what is and isn’t allowed.

      2.      A Dedicated Community:
      SUDS has been formed by a group of lifelong friends and directed towards

      3.      Refreshing the Difficulty:
      Playing through this content with a full 40 man raid nowadays is incredibly boring. There is no risk of wiping, the bosses are dead within moments, and the entire experience becomes incredibly bland. To counter this, all level 60 raids, from Molten Core to Ahn’Qiraj, will be done with no more than 10 players adhering to the above-mentioned standards. Adding to the experience,
      this will produce multiple raid teams in friendly competition with one another to clear content first.

      4.      New “Legends” System:
      While future content will be locked prior, certain races and classes, as well as flying, will be unlockable through “quest chains” to be completed by a player upon reaching level 60. These are grindy, expensive and difficult processes for those who wish to participate. The aim with them is to give players something more to do for those who want it and breath a bit of life into stale content.  These unlocks currently include: Flying in Azeroth, Shaman, Draenie, Death Knight, Worgen, Monk, and Pandaren. See our website for details on each.

      5.      Unique, Content Appropriate Events:
      Legacy content produces the challenge of having to find ways to entertain ourselves. Guild events will be consistent and tied in with the legends system. Duel tournaments, weekly five man/ heroic nights, and quite a bit more can all be expected.  Please see our website for a full list of planned events. Again, we encourage you to come forward with any ideas!

      6.      Gated Content:
      A common problem legacy guilds face is blowing through all an expansion’s content in a week and then having nothing to do for months as they wait to move to a new tier. That is the place guilds go to die. Rather, we will be gating different tiers of content appropriately. A minimum of one month will be spent on each raid and we will not     Occasionally, there will be a different event or trigger needed to unlock the next tier: such as the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj.

      7.      World Events:
      Different events marked the movement of one expansion to another – the arrival of the Draenie, the invasion of the Burning Legion through the dark portal, the invasion of the scourge, and more. We will endeavor to create a similar feeling of movement from one place of content to another through world events. Whether it be all getting together to make Draenie alts to go through the Draenie starting zones, going through the Dark Portal to Outland as a group, or entering Northrend together.

      8.      And more! We want you to share any ideas you may have!
          We’re all in our early to mid 20s. We’re looking to produce an atmosphere that is fun, but capable of upping the tempo and taking things seriously. We joke around, there’s often relatively crude humor -- be able to take a joke. If you’re used to typical internet culture, you’ll fit in just fine. Ultimately, we want long-term core members who fit in.
          Raid times as well as expectations will vary. We anticipate more interest than just a single ten man raiding team, so there will be multiple teams as a result. The dynamics for each raid team are up to that team.
      Members are expected to be active, respectful, and reasonably mature. It’s extremely important to know and follow guild rules because we are dealing with legacy content. Players who, say, go to Outlands and then bemoan they had no idea they weren’t allowed to while in the guild are not welcome. Skill level and experience are bonuses, but not considered as requirements in a successful application. We’re looking for others who will take the guild’s journey seriously and who will fit in -- you don’t need to supply us with your 110’s Mythic Nighthold logs.


                 Please take a look at our website at sudsguild.com for further explanation of our guild, legacy framework, and standards.

                 If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here or on our guild forums at sudsguild.com/forums.

                 You can also contact me directly at: Sudsguild@gmail.com.

                 To apply please visit https://www.sudsguild.com/

       Our WoW Forums recruitment post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755775532?page=1#post-4
      Zanaran / GM: Sudsguild#1951
    • By VivaceNL
      Hello everyone,
      I have a question regarding the rerolling (replacing, enchant) the properties of an item.
      I'm using the Deadset Guides as a reference for my builds and it includes a recommendation for item stats.
      But I'm unsure what has priority: rerolling the most important property so it is at its highest, or getting the most of the top characteristics.
      I will use an example.
      I am using the Firebird Archon build and have two sets of Firebird Talons.
      Firebird Talons:
      Deadset recommendation:
      (1) Intelligence (825 - 1000)
      (2) Critical Hit Chance (8 - 10 %)
      (3) Critical Hit Damage (26 - 50%)
      (4) Cooldown Reduction (5-8%)
      (5) Vitality (825 - 1000)
      Two versions of a Firebird Talon (Ancient):
      (1) Intelligence:  Set 1: 901 vs Set 2: 833
      (2) Critical Hit Chance: Set 1: 8,5% vs Set 2: 10%
      (3) Critical Hit Damage: Set 1: None vs Set 2: None
      (4) Cooldown Reduction: Set 1: None vs Set 2: None
      (5) Vitality: Set 1: None vs Set 2: 969

      Armor: Set 1: 585 vs Set 2: 542
      Set 1:
      Primary: Resistance to All Elements 122
      Secondary 1: 34% extra gold from monsters
      Secondary 2: +3342 Thorns Damage

      Set 2:
      Primary: Regenerates 9105 life per second
      Secondary 1: +188 Fire Resistance
      Secondary 2: Monster kills grant +237 experience
      Question 1:
      What property would you replace in both sets?
      Set 1:
      (1) Intelligence:  Set 1: 901 
      (2) Critical Hit Chance: Set 1: 8,5% 
      (3) Critical Hit Damage: Set 1: None 
      (4) Cooldown Reduction: Set 1: None 
      (5) Vitality: Set 1: None 

      Armor: Set 1: 585 
      Primary: Resistance to All Elements 122
      Secondary 1: 34% extra gold from monsters
      Secondary 2: +3342 Thorns Damage

      Set 2:
      (1) Intelligence:  Set 2: 833
      (2) Critical Hit Chance:  Set 2: 10%
      (3) Critical Hit Damage:  Set 2: None
      (4) Cooldown Reduction: Set 2: None
      (5) Vitality: Set 1:  Set 2: 969

      Armor: Set 2: 542
      Primary: Regenerates 9105 life per second
      Secondary 1: +188 Fire Resistance
      Secondary 2: Monster kills grant +237 experience
      Question 2:
      After you have replaced one property in both sets, which of either would you choose?
      My interpretation and answer to these questions:
      Question 1:
      What property would you replace in both sets?
      Set 1:
      (1) Intelligence:  Set 1: 901 
      (2) Critical Hit Chance: Set 1: 8,5%  --> Option 1: Either get this to the maximum of 10%
      (3) Critical Hit Damage: Set 1: None  --> Option 2: Or get this one and get rid of Resistance to all elements
      (4) Cooldown Reduction: Set 1: None 
      (5) Vitality: Set 1: None 

      Armor: Set 1: 585 
      Primary: Resistance to All Elements 122 (--> Option 2: Trade this in for Critical Hit Damage)
      Secondary 1: 34% extra gold from monsters
      Secondary 2: +3342 Thorns Damage

      Set 2:
      (1) Intelligence:  Set 2: 833 --> Option 1: Either get this up to the maximum of 1000
      (2) Critical Hit Chance:  Set 2: 10%
      (3) Critical Hit Damage:  Set 2: None --> Option 2: Get this one while getting rid of regenerates 9105 life per second
      (4) Cooldown Reduction: Set 2: None
      (5) Vitality: Set 1:  Set 2: 969

      Armor: Set 2: 542
      Primary: Regenerates 9105 life per second (--> Option 2: Trade this in for critical hit damage)
      Secondary 1: +188 Fire Resistance
      Secondary 2: Monster kills grant +237 experience
      Question 2:
      After you have replaced one property in both sets, which of either would you choose?
      My guess would be:
      Set 1:
      (1) Intelligence:  Set 1: 901 
      (2) Critical Hit Chance: Set 1: 8,5%  
      (3) Critical Hit Damage MAXIMUM REROLLED
      (4) Cooldown Reduction: Set 1: None 
      (5) Vitality: Set 1: None 

      Armor: Set 1: 585 
      (Primary:  Traded in resistance to all elements)
      Secondary 1: 34% extra gold from monsters
      Secondary 2: +3342 Thorns Damage
      I would really love to hear your views on this. Would you for instance even go for the cooldown reduction instead depending on your other items?
      Would you also save a really good item, that for instance has a different kind of damage (in this case not fire damage), keeping it for a different future build. Or do you reroll everything to suit the build you are using now?
      Thanks everyone for their input, I'm very curious to hear!
      Kind regards,
    • By Kayishka
      Why reroll? I want to reroll to meet new people and make new friendships by leveling with them. I want our guild to become a close knit community.
      So why not just join another guild? I'm looking for more people that play at the times I do. I want to get my time frame out there and see who all can join in. Also, I enjoy the work behind a new guild, enjoy setting everything up from scratch.
      Everyone is welcome, as long as it's a new toon. All play styles are wanted, all levels of experience.
      Our raid teams will be casually progressive. Meaning while our time's will be causal, we will be structured, we'll have requirements and we'll kick a**. I want to have 2 raiding groups going by the time WoD is released. Night Raiding: 6-9pm cst & Morning raiding: 9am-12pm cst. or a later night raid with times to be discussed later.
      We're recruiting for WoD, although I want to get as many achievements as we can before the expansion. We want to make a great guild and plan for the expansion. Plan out your toon you'll be making, gather all the materials you'll need. Get gold together for that Garrison..
      Who we're looking for:
      We want players who are serious about finding a guild they can stay in, who want to grow as a guild and be together in the next expansion and so forth. We want players who enjoy the community of being in a guild, who will fill their groups with guildies first.
      We want guildies that are going to be online for more than just the scheduled events or their dailies. We want guildies that are going to be active--on the guild website, in voice chat and in guild chat. Not being active, friendly or communicating with each other breaks guilds up.
      Our main goal is to build a strong, active, and socially tight-knit community to experience WoW in it's entirety. We are looking for mature (18+) like-minded individuals who understand the importance of community and camaraderie over loot and gold. A reroll can work and this one will, players just need to put in a little effort. I can and will, what about you?
      Guild Name: Storm Riders
      Realm: Proudmoore
      Website: www.thestormriders.enjin.com
      Start Date: January 1, 2014. 
      Night Raiding: 6-9pm cst Tuesday and Thursday(days can be adjusted)
      Morning raiding: 9am-12pm cst Wednesday and Friday(days can be adjusted)
      Need a later raid time? We can look into that also, just let us know.
      Loot system: EPGP
      Contact Info-- kayishka@gmail.com or pm me here or the website  ;-)
      ReRoll basics:
      Start a new level 1 toon. RaF and BoA's are allowed. We have started and we're going full force. Looking for great people to meet and become friends with.  
    • By ProjectDastardly
      Have you found yourself heaving a sigh each time you log in to World of Warcraft? 
      Game play just lost it's zest for you? Same grind, different patch? 
      What if you could start fresh?
      What's that you say? You've tried rerolls? All they offer is a new group of people to fade away just like X amount of previous guild's you've joined? Lack of motivation to level to hit X Cap, X Content, attempt endgame? Caps don't actually work to keep guilds together since it's always max level and never minimum?
      What if there were a Horde and Ally (wait, what?!) guild starting fresh, side by side, on a PVP server? 
      Take a few minutes out of your night to ponder this.. A Dual Faction Reroll project on a High Pop server. 
      What we are proposing is finding 80-100 players (yes, it's a high number, but consider that it's for both), split between factions on a server with equally balanced factions, to start on the same day with min/max caps that are set in tandem at each portion. At each cap, there will be War Games scheduled (this will require coordination between GM/Officer cores), Hit Lists, as well as Zone Takeovers. Remember Vanilla/TBC when zones like STV, Hellfire, Zangarmarsh &Terokkar were war zones? WINTERGRASP? Heck, even TOL BARAD! **While players will be allowed to level with heirlooms and/or Recruit-A-Friend, they will not be allowed to utilize heirlooms for War Games. **
      Information & Details:
      Guild Names: Alliance - Logic    Horde - Dastardly Deeds
      Realm: Emerald Dream (CST RPPVP)
      Websites: Currently a Work in Progress
      Projected Start Date: To Be Determined 
      Rules and Regulations:
      - The character you plan on playing must not be leveled prior to the start date & time. You are encouraged to create your character ahead of time and place it the guild prior to the reroll date.
      - Character transfers will only be allowed for bringing over BoA/Gold. Outside of those parameters we will not allow any transfers prior to a sizable amount of members hitting 90. The focus of the guild is to REROLL!
      - We will not allow any Death Knights in the guild until someone from the reroll group has hit level 55.
      Caps (Oh no!)
      There will be Soft Caps in place for both Min and Max levels! Soft Caps are recommended caps that will be in place to help keep the guild together. The Caps will be required for scheduled PVP Events (War Games, Zone Take Overs, etc). In the event that people are not hitting the minimum caps, they will be considered casual until they do so.
      Max Caps
      1 Week to 60
      2 Weeks to 80
      Min Caps
      1 Week to 30
      2 Weeks to 60
      3 Weeks to 70
      4 Weeks to 80
      PVP not your thing? No Problem!
      Logic & Dastardly will be competing in more than just PVP! We will be competing for Progression as well!
      How do I sign up?
      Alliance: http://logic-guild.enjin.com/
      Horde: http://project-dastardly.enjin.com/
      What if I want to be an Officer or Raid Leader?
      We will be looking to recruit several people to hold these positions. The number of officers/raid leaders needed will depend on the amount of interest in the guild. Once we have things running more smoothly there will be an officer and raid leader application available for anyone interested in taking on the role(s).
      If you have any questions or concerns please send us an email at:
      A: ProjectLogicReroll@gmail.com
      H: ProjectDastardly@gmail.com
      From the Leadership of both guilds, we appreciate your interest and hope to see you in-game!
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