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Icy Veins Podcast #15

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In regards to the Devs comment in the HOTS lore video about bringing in stuff from things other then just Blizzard games. I think everyone is taking this in a way it wasn't intended. I think they just meant how they make skins that are 'inspired' by things outside of Blizzard games. Like how they have skins that are inspired by Mad Max and 80s techno-fantasy cartoons. Examples are Mad Axe Garrosh & Wastewalker Deckard Cain & the mounts released with each are from a Mad Max universe. Star Princess Li-Ming, Space Lord Leoric & Space Queen Alexastraza and their those mounts are from a She-Ra/Rainbow Bright 80's cartoon techno-fantasy type universe. 

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Aah I guess that makes sense... But are we ABSOLUTELY sure they only meant that? Are ABSOLUTELY certain they didn't mean to maybe possibly tease something, potentially? Maybe I'll choose to believe this lie I tell myself... :)

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