Tavern Brawl: A New Year Bash

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We have a co-operative Tavern Brawl this week. The name is new, but the rules are principally the same as "A Mammoth of a New Year" which was introduced last year.

You and your partner get to play as either Malfurion or Valeera. Even though the Tavern Brawl is called "A New Year Bash", you don't seem to have a lot (if any) of the new cards from The Boomsday Project. Malfurion seems to have a Jade deck and both decks have helpful draw or healing cards.

The Tavern Brawl consists of two phases:

In Phase 1, your goal is to reach 25/25 decorations via your Hero Power. Your Hero Power uses all your currently available Mana to contribute to an equal amount of decorations. For example, if you have 5 mana, you can opt to use it all on the Hero Power to create 5 decorations or you can play a 3-mana cost minion and use your Hero Power to make 2 decorations.

During this phase, Party Crashers (4-mana 3/5 Taunt minions) spawn each turn. They will attack the hero at the other side of the borad at the end of each turn, so you should deal with them. If you are Rogue, you shouldn't Sap Party Crashers, but you should use Sap on targets that will help your partner.

Once you reach 25 decorations, Phase 2 will begin. A 5/85 Pinata Golem boss will spawn. It also has Taunt and cannot be targeted by spells. The Party Crashers will keep spawning every turn, but they are buffed to 5/7 stats now. Lastly, your Hero Power will be converted to 2 mana: Deal 3 damage to the Pinata Golem. An important thing to know is that at random turns an AoE is cast: it deals 2 damage to all characters, apart from Party Crashers.

Obviously, you need to manage your resources well here. Sometimes, it's worth killing the Party Crashers because they might kill you or your partner; other times, it's better to focus everything you've got on the boss. The random AoE is unpredictable, so you and the other player should always have at least 3 Health or more.

Good luck and hopefully you can find a smart "opponent"!

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Well -  it took some convincing to get my partner to stop killing my minions.

(He obviously had not read you post Zadina)

When I actively healed him and killed my own taunts and spammed my hero power he got the meassage and we got a win.

Not the hardest co-op brawl


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