Rastakhan's Rumble Is Hearthstone's Next Expansion

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The Troll-themed expansion releases on December 4, 2018 and you can pre-purchase it starting today!

It wouldn't be a Hearthstone expansion if something about it hadn't been leaked before its actual announcement. Rastakhan's Rumble is indeed Hearthstone's next expansion.

Rastakhan is the King of the Zandalari Trolls and he was introduced in World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth. His Rumble, however, doesn't take place in Zandalar, but one of the original Troll areas: Stranglethorn Vale. The Gurubashi Arena is filled up with eager warriors in this once per year fighting extravaganza!

A new Keyword is being introduced and it's called Overkill. Basically, if you deal more damage than needed to kill a minion, you gain a benefit. For example, check out this Warrior weapon:


A minion that could work well in Sul'thraze is Sharkfin Fan. It reminds me a lot of , a card that had gone under the radar when it was announced. Are we in for a weapon meta?


The warriors in the arena are being aided by Spirits. These are Rare class minions, that all have 0/3 stats and Stealth for one turn. The Rogue one is pretty interesting, since we are used to this class having Deathrattle synergies.


Of course, this wouldn't be a Troll expansion without the Loa. The Loa are basically the gods that are worshiped by the Trolls. In Hearthstone, they are Legendary minions with very particular powers.


We are used to seeing two Legendaries per class in Hearthstone expansions. Apart from the Loa, we have the champions of this team. These are also regular Legendary minions, with one of them possibly being a Hero card.


Lastly, the single-player content for this expansion is Rumble Run. You will embody a Troll champion trying to make a name for himself in the Gurubashi Arena. At the beginning of the run, you will choose one out of a total of nine classes. Then, you will work your way to the top by beating various foes - which sounds similar to the Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt. Lastly, Shrine effects will help both you and your AI opponent.

Here is the new gameboard:


As already mentioned, Rastakhan's Rumble releases on December 4 and you can pre-purchase it from today. For $49.99/49.99 EUR you will get 50 Rastakhan's Rumble card packs, the Ready to Rumble! card back and the new Shaman hero skin, King Rastakhan.


There's a more affordable pre-purchase option this time, the Challenger's Bundle. It costs $19.99/19.99 EUR and it contains 17 Rastakhan's Rumble packs and the Ready to Rumble! card back.


Lastly, the login rewards for the first weeks of Rastakhan's Rumble are a free Legendary Loa, two Spirit cards from the same class and six Rastakhan's Rumble card packs.

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It is good to hear that there will be a single player part again.

I quite liked the Dungeon Run / Monster Hunt.

(Puzzle Quest wasn't bad either)

Price for Cardpacks is ridiculous as always, but that's fine with me. If the packs would be attractive I'd be tempted to buy some. This way I never had the slightest urge to spent any money.

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On 11/3/2018 at 4:59 AM, WedgeAntilles said:

I quite liked the Dungeon Run / Monster Hunt.

I love Dungeon Run but Monster Hunt I kind of hate due to the fact that some bosses have some very unfair mechanics (Captain Shivers, Face Collector, Cragtorr, Raeth). In Dungeon Run at least you can build a deck how you want it and can still win against some of the late game bosses but in Monster Hunt it appears you have to build or collect certain treasures to even counter some of the bosses in the hunt. It's fun and great, but Dungeon run is far superior since you actually have a decent chance of winning most of the time.

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