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Rastakhan's Rumble Card Reveal Schedule

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As usual, the card reveals will begin with a live stream on November 19 at 10:00 a.m. PST hosted by Peter Whalen and Regiskillbin.

Then, we'll have two weeks of community card reveals:

Week of November 19
BM460J4R5NZZ1542165502676.png 11/19 12PM
H0LCRK7ZQN8Z1542165502604.png 11/19 11PM
R43C0WCU95EG1542165503048.png 11/20 2AM
P5AD79ET082L1542165503131.png11/20 4AM
JKYE9V14Y45J1542165503127.png11/20 5AM
T46R4TAHWA0E1542165502912.png11/20 7AM
DLARS2JHTJVE1542165503056.png11/20 8AM
1SHVATDKJWVZ1542165503146.png11/20 9AM
DPHN9803W87V1542165502901.png11/20 11AM
8SHJ733MKKL31542165503048.jpg11/20 8PM
UCHJ90SURT9Q1542165503433.png11/21 2AM
YF9B25X5UC5A1542165503337.png11/21 4AM
YRZMZ9HW8D2R1542165503331.png11/21 7AM
6NO7T7TITEHZ1542165503229.png11/21 11AM
5Q792X8R16Q01542165503377.png11/21 1PM
B17DVM7KYZCW1542165503448.png11/21 6PM
Q4F3R06QGGS01542165503422.png11/21 11PM
O49Q7K7NTLC01542165503493.png11/22 1AM
936QBL7H7BVN1542165503630.png11/22 4AM
NUWU4CTXOAFU1542165503601.png11/22 7AM
19774PP5ARV31542165503625.png11/22 10AM
72HJUMTMYXRU1542165503670.png11/22 11PM
4MO7IRZ6K32E1542165503791.png11/23 4AM
2C5UM84MJPHI1542165503222.png11/23 6AM
CO22QB44LUL31542165503769.png11/23 7AM
E4VMQIT4I3OT1542165503805.png11/23 11AM
5OAA2VKY8VND1542165503856.png11/23 2PM
5AXVTTZXWL941542165503724.png11/23 10PM
Q0TCFDMXTTOP1542165503700.png11/23 11PM
U07NXWST58OS1542165503976.png11/24 1AM
B5GE5OPTQZ771542165503972.png11/24 7AM
3M2GB48TZ39V1542165504046.png11/24 11AM
AB0IOT0MQNHC1542165503888.png11/24 1PM
FAY9CBCO375M1542165503963.png11/24 11PM
7H5NHZUMO50A1542165504085.png11/25 4AM
85SURDLX8M7K1542165504104.png11/25 7AM
EGG29OYXQXLD1542067215788.png11/25 11AM
GPKIRFSSNIRG1542165504183.png11/25 7PM
G5G46BZPZL411542165504173.png11/25 11PM
Week of November 26
NOC35LDDGN6D1542165504245.png 11/26 2AM
VSTBC4GRTANW1542165504324.png11/26 4AM
90N5G337PE0T1542165504289.png11/26 7AM
R4RA7CRRSLYM1542165504380.png11/26 8AM
WL9T2E4N6NPF1542165504474.png11/26 11AM
XH9FXKF58GNF1542165504476.png11/26 9PM
9O1JHTSMDWID1542165504516.png11/26 11PM
SNOL48VF1BUW1542165504609.png11/27 1AM
0GBCQJEKRMGI1542165504684.png11/27 4AM
GCSIR28TWVI31542165504607.png11/27 7AM
B6KNEDQHMHNW1542067216339.png11/27 11AM
Y5S9IJC728841542165504775.png11/27 6PM
C3ZJSP9M85931542165504679.png11/27 11PM

Lastly, there will be a final live stream on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel on November 28 at 10:00 a.m. PST. The hosts this time will be Dean Ayala and Brian Kibler.

Rastakhan's Rumble will release a few days afterwards, on December 4.

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