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Krag'wa, the Frog Reveal: Rastakhan's Rumble

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The Shaman Loa returns all spells you've played the previous turn to your hand.

The card was revealed in a promotional email by Blizzard:


Image courtesy of Hearthpwn

At first sight, I wasn't really impressed with the card but then it dawned on me how flexible it can be. You can use it to generate more burn spells to hurt your opponent's face, you can get more board clears against aggro or you can get some more healing to get you out of a difficult situation. Its interaction with Unstable Evolution is completely broken, since - according to Liv Breeden - you get a copy for each cast of UE you used the previous turn! All you need to do is to meticulously set this up and pay attention to not overloading yourself too much or overdrawing.

You can find the rest of the revealed cards, as well as information on the upcoming expansion, in our dedicated hub.

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28 minutes ago, tkioz said:

Hang on... have we seen Jani yet?

I think she's not taking part in Rastakhan's Rumble ?

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