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Fresh 90 Frost DK (Need some opinions)

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Avenger's Trillium Legplates or Greaves of Cyclopean Dread


Wondering if it's worth making the crafted pants on a fresh 90, or just wait for luck from the Celestials and make Avenger's Trillium Waistplate instead. Any recommendations from experienced players? Looking to carry my weight in DPS so I can slip into Flex for fun. Thanks guys!

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Well, personally i'd prefer to craft the belt and wait for tier legs, espesially since the 2-set is really strong. Ofc with terrible rng, u could be waiting for weeks to get the legs off celestrials, so the crafted legs would be valuable in that case. On another note, both belt and legs can also come from Ordos(Give u got the leg cloak on ur account) which could give u either. With really sucky luck u could craft either legs or belt and then later get that exaxt spot from Ordos.


It all comes down to what u wanna go for urself, personally i'd got with belt and hope for legs from celestrials or even ordos for that matter.


In terms of dps, the belt is really good for 2hander as frost, and decent for dual wield, while the legs have the best stats for dual wield(mastery and crit).

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Basically what Horcored said. If you're trying to raid with this fresh DK then it's all about whatever is going to get you up to 496 for lfr, 520 for flex, etc. Whatever your raiding goal is you want to get the min ilvl for someone to take you along in their group as quickly as possible.


Ordos does drop a belt, and there's also the possibility of getting a 522 pvp belt off celestials, but overall you're probably better off crafting the belt and waiting for legs to drop.


Also don't forget that Nalak and Oondasta loot are still a good upgrades for gearing up, or you could even go to openraid and find a normal ToT run. Zagam pretty much helped me gear up a fresh 90 horde DK to 535ish ilvl in 1 day by running Heroic ToT and Flex.

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It depends on if you are 2h or dw, which pants you want.  Also on a fresh 90 its probably going to be a while before you get access to 553 t16.


Tell that to my friend who got tierlegs from celestials at lvl50 :P     



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