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Leveling guide for toons like for professions

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With all the searching i've done on different topics I've still never found a "Leveling" guild for a toon.

You can find lots of guilds for what to do once your at Max. level but no one writes on how to get there. I've deleted 2 hunters 1 warrior and a druid due to frustration.


It would be nice to find somewhere to get advice while leveling.


i.e.   when you get to level 10 make sure you use  this ability as much as poss. and use that one right after it because it.....      

once you get to level 15 you get a new ability called ...... used this in place of   X  because its better for .....    

at level  20   your basic rotation should be      x....y.....z   and you,ll get your best  dps that way....


They have leveling guides for Professions that tell you level by level.  It would be nice to find one for the basic Spec. for leveling.


wouldn't you agree ?


Just a suggestion , in case some gifted individual is listening.


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It's something we've talked about. Most of the problem is that leveling a character is far more open ended than leveling a profession, or writing strategies for a dungeon or raid. We could easily go too far in depth into all the options of how you could level from X to Y. At any given level there are 3 places you could be questing, 3-4 dungeons you could queue for, You could pvp level, gathering and fishing give exp now, pet battle leveling is sometimes amazing, 85-90 on the timeless isle is practically an exploit it's so good. It's a very overwhelming topic to even find a place to start writing, even as a veteran player with 8 90's.


But it is something we know we need to start working on. I think a few of us just need to take one for the team and level an alt or two while writing a journal of what works for us along the way.

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You can go to the Timeless Isle at 85?  Um, where do I sign up.  LoL


Have a friend with a dual flyer, or have someone give you water walking and just run over there on your own.


Once you're there you farm the 78k hp silk worms that spawn in packs around the undead panda village. There are 5 spawn points, each one with about 8 silk worms. Each pull will give you about 1 bar of exp. It's been known for a while and I don't understand how they haven't nerfed it yet.


It's farmed to death on populated servers, but if you can have the spots to yourself for a while it takes 3-4 hours from 85-90.

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Prob one of the main reasons there arent more guides to leveling is due to heirloom gear. Most people use it to level any alts which not only makes leveling faster due to more exp, but its basically best in slot for every level all the way up to level 80. Most people arent going to waste time making guides for lets say a lev 32 because in 20 minutes you could be level 33 with the gear. My general advice would be to take survivablity talents when leveling and then take more offensive abilities when you hit 90.


Not trying to judge and not sure on your skill level but hunters are normally one of the easier classes to level. Once you get your pet, you should just have him on taunt (except in dungeons) and let him tank while you kill. Warriors take a little more time since you will be taking all dmg instead of pet. If you are dying alot then take 2nd wind. Shouldnt die anymore :). I like impending victory myself for leveing because you can include this ability into your rotation which does dmg and heals you, allowing you to keep attacking much faster. Looking at end game rotation isnt horrible though even at low levels because you will understand which abilities are going to be your bread and butter at higher levels. My main is a warrior so if you can detail more what is frustrating you, i should be able to assist to make things easier for you.

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But it is something we know we need to start working on. I think a few of us just need to take one for the team and level an alt or two while writing a journal of what works for us along the way.


This is more along the line of what I was asking about. Myself I have 5 90's now and at one time or another they were at the top of their game and doing outstanding.  

But for someone starting a whole new spec (class) and not getting results it would be nice to know what they're doing wrong. Rotation alone can make a huge difference to not only Dps output but, but having mana left or rage or runic power.

Looking at rotaions and gear suggested for a 90 seldom helps a lvl 20 -30 toon as the attacks and abilities you use and rely on at 90 don't even exhist yet for a lower toon.


When I started my Pali I constantly bugged my older son about the tank spec. and what works when. I practiced it and found it suddenly made sense and it became alot easier to do well.


Thats the sort of help I'm talking about. When your in a 5 man and someone has the same class as you and he/she's on the top of the dps list and your at the bottom with the same level toon. Someone is doing something really well and someone needs to re think their methods.


Assume a new toon on a new server (read as no heirlooms) and obviously little to no money.


What would get the best results (not where)  battle pets don't help my dps in my dungeons / raids much, lol

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Assume a new toon on a new server (read as no heirlooms) and obviously little to no money.


What would get the best results (not where)  battle pets don't help my dps in my dungeons / raids much, lol

Do you mean a brand new player starting WoW for the first time?  Because now the heirlooms can be mailed to your characters on other servers.  To be completely honest, new players shouldn't worry about how they rank on the meter as long as the bosses die or everybody stays alive.  Sounds like you just want to know how to be top of the meter from 1-max level.  There are tons of guides that will help you from 1-90.  Even addons that pretty much do everything but push the buttons for you.

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Since I was in the leveling trance this past month, I'll share some:

You do the quests at your starting area, then move on out to the quests around the starting area. Eg.

Human starts in Elwynn Forest, then they move to Goldshrine, then Westfall.

The quests you do will eventually point you to the next quest hub.


Once you reach level 15, you gain entrance to dungeons (RDF).

If you are not familiar with dungeoning, just mention it in the start of the dungeon, the other people will guide you through it.


Quick explanation on dungeons:

A dungeon party consists of 5 people; 1 Tank (person dedicated to soaking up the damage the boss and mobs deals) 3 Damage Dealers (to kill the boss and mobs), and 1 Healer (To keep the Tank/Party alive). The party has to defeat the bosses in a linear-like path (Note that some bosses and mobs are optional)


The nice things about dungeons is that they have their own quests that you can do while progressing through the dungeon, for example defeat the final boss. By using the RDF, you are able to obtain exp from 3 things:

The Dungeon's Quests (Most contributing factor)

Killing the bosses and mobs

Bonus Exp from using the RDF to complete a dungeon.


These 3 things will allow you to level up in almost each dungeon you do. Please note that dungeons have level ranges, so even if you level up in the dungeon, you might get the same dungeon again until you move out the level range (which is not a problem since leveling is so fast at the lower levels). You can see what dungeons are being queued for by holding on the "dice" icon in the RDF interface.


If you have 3 minute queues when queuing for a dungeon, you can either wait in your home city, explore the map (and unlock the flight masters) or do quests.


Once you reach about level 52, the RDF will queue you for Mana Tombs (which is a nightmare). Only do it once for the quests and then proceed to Winterspring to do quests, and then to Blasted Lands until you are able to queue for new dungeons.


TL;DR - the basics of "Speed" leveling; Only do dungeons that still gives the quests, and if they don't, do quests.


EDIT: Next, the spells you use are the ones already mentioned in the class guides, if you don't have the spell yet, use the next best thing / skip spell. Mobs die so fast you won't get to use a full rotation

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Lol... well origionally I thought this sounded like a simple request but after re reading my first post I see that my intent and my question can be seen in different lights.

This was not meant as a how do I get there the fastest thing this is more of a "how do i make the best of what i have" thing.

Speed leveling is simple, Run dungeons as much as poss. for xp and gear and only do quests / dungeons that are Yellow or org.

boom. done.

What i'd like to see put together is more of a "dummies guide".  It would be nice to see it set up like your talent choices.

Suggestions at lvl 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75.  As we already have the same thing for 90. As all know (and was mentioned) your only level 30 for 10 min.

Set up just like the one at 90.

Lets assume that the person your writing this for has the basics of the game down. They know the difference between Orgrimmar and Stormwind and can find them on a map, they know an axe from a hammer.


This would (being it starts as low as 15) be a welcome to your  (random class here)  guide.

This guide would be to help someone get the most out of their toons  lvl 15 abilities  and point out the same basics that the 90 guide does. Abilities, rotation. Basic description of what each shot/spell/attack/heal does and what would work best at that time.

It would do this for level 30, 45, etc. untill they graduate to 90.

To give an example. I have 5 90's. A Mage, Pali. , Warlock, D/K and a Priest.  I am fairly new to my hunter. I have one on both sides of the fence.

A week ago I ran 2 dungeons back to back on my Ally hunter. I ran one in BM and the 2nd in Survival. Being that a hunter is a dps toon I was keeping track of my results. The hunter was lvl 70ish i believe at the time.  In BM I got about 1850Dps. When i went through in Survival I hit 2880 dps.  Being that there was such a vast diff. between the two I figured i'm doing something wrong in BM , lets go practice and experiment on dummies in town.  After some reading of the shots/abilities and re arranging a few things on the action bar my BM went up to 2800 dps (yeah, thats better). I did the same for Survival and hit 6600 dps.

Now , yes I improved by doing some research and making changes but i'm still miles behind in one spec compared to the other and according to what i see all around while yes there is a diff. between the two specs to some degree, the diff. isn't all that big if played properly. While wanted to do well in dps I (hopefully others do to) would like to understand the class better and not just be good at breaking stuff but also understand when other abilities are to be used and what they're good for.  

A simple guide would prob. help with this.

" This is what you have to work with at lvl....?..... and this is the best way to put it to use.  Set up just like the guides that we have for 90 but with abilities , glyphs and talents that are available at the lower level.

Not a speed leveling guide. Those already exhist. but a  Class specific guilde to help a person NEW TO THE CLASS (not the game) would use to UNDERSTAND their toon.


Sorry if this was long winded but I hope it clears up some of the fog.


An example of what would be good to know is something i discovered while playing Survival.

Lock N Load is a spec. procedure (proc.) that give you really good damage while either not costing you focus or using less of it. I found that a cold trap and Black arrow will trigger this proc. While one is on cool down the other is usually available. This helps me to have Lock n load up alot more.

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I suggest you ask in each class's sub forum for a more detailed guide like what you're looking for. I could Gir you a pretty in depth guide for leveling a hunter, but I'd rather do so in the hunter forum. As for the vast difference in BM and SV performance, SV get improved serpents sting at lvl 70, which really helps your single target damage. BM truey shines when you get your lvl 75 talent (go with blink strikes, 50% increased pet damage) and mastery (more increased pet damage) at lvl 80. You want the increased pet damage for a pretty simple reason: kill command is a pet attack, and therefore is modified by increases in your pet's attack.

If you want this type of info on hunters, but more in depth and more levels covered, ask me in the hunter forum.

Edit: I'm starting on some leveling guides for hunters (all specs) and will post them once they are done, but it might take a few days to get them done.

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Yes.... this is an excellent example of a complete guide. It covers the Frost mage very well. ( The only mage I don't have)

If a talented person(s) with patience was to do this for each  class /spec. that would be the busiest site in wow history next to WoW and wow wiki.   Anyone just hiting the next milestone be it 20 , 25 , 30... 50 what ever could say Hey, I just got a new ability , what do i do with it then come to the guide and update the set up on their toon.


Now Obviously anyone who didn't care wouldn't come but the people who want to play their toons well and understand them would use it.

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    • By RelliksPast
      This build is fairly interesting, and relies on two commonly overlooked aspects of the Necromancer's kit. The first being Maltorius' Petrified Spike, a legendary item that boosts your bone spear by 700%, and Bone SpearTeeth, a skill that sprays half the map in death and shoddy dentistry. The Spike itself has fairly terrible stats, but it's unique ability and enough intelligence make up for this aspect.
      Gameplay and Strategy
      This is a very easy build to execute and yields extraordinarily high results. It's more of a medium range build, with plenty of variance as it only relies on a small combo. The rest of the build is mostly just to optimize the amount that you can use Bone SpearTeeth and making sure you survive well, with a fair bit of boss killers, such as Command SkeletonsFrenzy and Corpse LanceBrittle Touch. You can alter the range and play style with substitutions, and overall this is a very solid and general build for beginners and experienced players alike. 
      Your main combo rotation is going to be using  SimulacrumReservoir and spamming Bone SpearTeeth. Then follow up with Corpse LanceBrittle Touch to finish off any remaining units. Corpse lance does not consume any essence to cast, and is very resource efficient while still dishing out significant damage. You may ask, why pick these runes. Well, Reservoir provides more resource, Brittle Touch helps with higher health bosses, and Teeth is actually a bit complicated. Now this may be a bug, but it certainly seems like the splinters from Bone SpearTeeth do too much damage, especially when combined with Maltorius' Petrified Spike. Because of this damage, you can easily clear massive waves and bosses alike. 
      Your other core skill is going to be Blood Rush. Every class ought to have a mobility skill in order to more efficiently clear floors and to speed up your farming. I prefer to use Molting to start a Corpse Lance chain in adventure runs, but the rune you choose is mostly up to preference. Potency is also a powerful rune, especially if you choose the close range variant of this build
      Other skills include your essence regain, either Grim ScytheDual Scythes or Siphon BloodPower Shift.  I like Dual Scythes simply because its a larger area (and therefor more essence), pulls enemies in front of you, and efficiently lines up the highest damage Bone SpearTeeth. An alternative to Dual Scythes is Grim ScytheExecution or Grim ScytheCursed ScytheSiphon BloodPower Shift is an excellent choice for melting bosses when low on essence. Other options include Siphon BloodSuppress, Siphon BloodBlood Sucker, or Bone SpikesBlood Spikes. Your choice of basic attack will determine your range for this build. Keep in mind that Teeth does more damage close up (like a shotgun) but due to Maltorius' Petrified Spike you can still use it at a range to great effect. For your non-combo damage ability, you want to choose based on your range. If you choose Siphon Blood, pick Command Skeletons with either Frenzy or Kill Command. If you choose Grim Scythe, go with either Bone ArmorDislocation or Death NovaBlight. Death nova does significant AOE damage, while Bone Armor is primarily a defensive skill, especially useful to preserve your Blood Rush cooldown. I personally prefer Frenzy for ranged and Bone ArmorDislocation for a closer range build. 
      Your passives will once again depend on your variant of the build. You will want Overwhelming Essence and Blood is Power regardless, but the other two slots will vary.  Overwhelming Essence and Blood is Power are both integral skills to any ability and cooldown-based build. You want to minimize your cooldowns, and despite the intimidating requirement of Blood is Power, it triggers rather often. It counts premitigation damage, meaning damage before your armor and resistances. In any high level battle, you will proc this passive often. Overwhelming Essence is rather straightforward, as it simply increases your resource. 
      For the close range variant, I would recommend Stand Alone and Draw Life. Together, these passives will make you significantly more bulky and make up for a lack of sustain within your skills. An alternative to Draw Life is taking Life from Death and DevourSatiated over Corpse LanceBrittle Touch. This will somewhat lower your damage to bosses, but provide for more spam and sustain overall. 
      For the range variant, I would Aberrant Animator and Final Service. These both combine nicely with your Command Skeletons, while Final Service helps to improve your general lack of tankiness. Aberrant Animator gives your skeletons double your Thorns damage, while Final Service is your cheat death mechanic. 
      Skill list
      A- Grim ScytheDual Scythes/Siphon BloodPower Shift
      B- Bone SpearTeeth
      X-  Command SkeletonsFrenzy/ Command SkeletonsKill Command/Bone ArmorDislocation/Death NovaBlight
      Y-  Corpse LanceBrittle Touch
      ZR-Blood RushMolting/Blood RushPotency
      Overwhelming Essence Blood is Power Stand Alone / Aberrant Animator Draw Life / Life from Death / Final Service  
      Now, into the parts that honestly don't matter nearly as much. Most of the build is in your hands, now this is just the nitpicky optimizations that I will honestly spend far too much/little time on. For the next sections I will be discussing gear, gems, Kanai's Cube, and paragon points. 
      For Gear I recommend going for a Legacy of Dreams build. This is rather standard, gives you an insane damage boost, and overall is versatile and workable. Make sure that you haveMaltorius' Petrified Spike. Another recommendation is your helm. Leoric's Crown is ideal for general battling, but Broken Crown is my preference for base gem farming, for hopefully obvious reasons. Honestly, just use common sense. LoD builds are incredibly player dependent, and you can build them just about however you want. Just prioritize whatever will feed into the general gameplan of spamming SimulacrumReservoir and Bone SpearTeeth. 
      For Kanai's Cube, you want to slot in Reilena's Shadowhook as your weapon, Krysbin's Sentence for jewlery, and the worse of either Reaper's Wraps or Nemesis Bracers. Shadowhook scales your damage based on your maximum essence, and with Overwhelming Essence and SimulacrumReservoir you're pretty well maxed out on your essence. 
      For Paragon Points you want to basically use common sense. This build is an ability spam build with limited sustain. Play to that. For example, you want to invest heavily into Essence, Cost Reduction, and Cooldown reduction. As far as defense, I recommend investing in armor so that Blood is Power is easier to proc. 
      For  Gems you should put Bane of the Trapped, Enforcer, and Legacy of Dreams in your ring slots. Zei's Stone of Vengeance is a solid alternative. For your Helm, slot in  Flawless Royal Topaz to provide resource cost reduction or Flawless Royal Diamond for CDR. Personally, since this is a teeth build you should go Topaz. For your weapon, you should go Flawless Royal Topaz if going the ranged build, and Flawless Royal Emerald for the close range build. And for your other slots, you should go (you guessed it) Flawless Royal Topaz. In my honest opinion, Topaz is the best base gem for necromancer. It provides Intelligence, thorns, and resource reduction. Sure, the thorns are only especially ridiculous with Aberrant Animator but once again, topaz is a godsend for Necromancer. 
      Changelog: 10/2/19 Fixed some grammar errors, clarified poor usage, and added more details to the build    

    • By Archimage
      About: I've decided to make a guide on Leveling Heirlooms since I did not find any quick guides for it. This is my first guide, so please feel free to give some constructive feedback   What are Heirlooms: Heirlooms are items which stats scale with your character's level, reducing the need to replace gear whose stats are becoming too low for your level.  
      Heirloom Collections Tab: A new Heirloom system has been introduced in 6.1, adding all your heirlooms to your Collections, where they can be easily accessed without having to mail the heirlooms to other characters. Already earned heirlooms will be added to the collection once you have logged in with the character that has the heirlooms in their bank/bag. Any newly purchased heirlooms will automatically be added to your collection. To use a heirloom, simply find and click on it in the Heirlooms tab, and it will be placed in your inventory, and then equip it. You can also recreate the same heirloom if you want to dual-wield it, or have two trinkets or rings of the same type.
        Categories: Heirlooms can be divided into the following 4 categories, based on what stats they give:    Strength-Haste - Gear for Melee damage dealers that requires more haste than crit. These pieces were the tanking pieces, but the Parry/Dodge stats were changed in 6.0  
      Strength-Crit  - Gear for Melee damage dealers that requires more crit than haste.
      Agility - Gear for Melee+Ranged damage dealers
      Intellect - Gear for Spell-caster Damage Dealers and Healers
      There are also subcategories for armor types, like Cloth, Leather, Mail and Plate.
      There are also subcategories for slots, like Chest, Shoulder, Leggings, Weapons etc
      How to buy Leveling Heirlooms:   Heirlooms can be brought with the following currencies: Gold (g) Burning Blossoms (Midsummer Fire Festival)
      Tricky Treat (Hallow's End)
      Coin of Ancestry (Lunar Festival)
      Mark of Honor (PvP)
      Timewarped Badge (Timewalking)
        Darkmoon Prize Ticket (DPT) Champion's Seals (CS)   From these vendors: Alliance: Krom Stoutarm Horde: Estelle Gendry Guild Vendors: (A) Shay Pressler / (H) Goram  
      Head, Shoulder, Chest, Cloak and Pants pieces cost 500 gold / 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 25 Champion's Seals One-handed weapons (except the fist weapons) cost 650 gold / 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 25 Champion's Seals  Two-handed weapons cost 750 gold / 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 40 Champion's Seals Off-hand weapons cost 500 gold / 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 25 Champion's Seals Trinkets cost 700 gold / 70 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 35 Champion's Seals The New Neck pieces cost 700 gold   Once you have brought a new heirloom, it's starting level range will be from level 1 to 60, meaning it will stop to scale up once you have reached level 60. This level cap can be increased twice by upgrading the piece with these tokens.    Armor (1-90): Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing costs 100 gold / 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 55 Champion's Seals / 2000 Honor Armor (1-100): Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing costs 2000 gold Weapon (1-90): Ancient Heirloom Scabbard costs 1200 gold / 120 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 65 Champion's Seals / 2400 Honor Weapon (1-100): Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard costs 5000 gold   List of Heirlooms per Category   Strength-Haste Plate (Warrior / Paladin / Death Knights) Head: Burnished Helm of Might Shoulders:Burnished Pauldrons of Might Chest: Burnished Breastplate of Might  Back: Ripped Sandstorm Cloak Leggings: Burnished Legplates of Might Ring: Dread Pirate Ring Weapon: Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver Shield: Flamescarred Draconian Deflector
      Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast     Strength-Crit Plate (Warrior / Paladin / Death Knights) Head:Polished Helm of Valor Shoulders:Polished Spaulders of Valor Chest: Polished Breastplate of Valor Back: Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape Leggings: Polished Legplates of Valor Ring: Dread Pirate Ring 2H Axe: Bloodied Arcanite Reaper Dual Wield 1H Sword: Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver  Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast  
      Agility Mail (Hunter, Enhancement Shaman) Head:Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm Shoulders: Champion Herod's Shoulder Chest: Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate Back:Back:Inherited Cape of the Black Baron (Can be used by Agility Leather characters) Leggings:Tarnished Leggings of Destruction Ring: Dread Pirate Ring Dual Wield 1H Mace: Venerable Mass of McGowan (Combat Rogues can use this) Bow: Charmed Ancient Bone Bow Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast   Intellect Mail (Elemental/Restoration Shaman, Holy Paladins) Head: Mystical Coif of Elements Shoulders:Mystical Pauldrons of Elements Chest: Mystical Vest of Elements Back: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Also used by Intellect Cloth and Intellect Leather) Leggings:Mystical Kilt of Elements Ring: Dread Pirate Ring 1H Mace: Devout Aurastone Hammer Staff: Dignified Headmaster's Charge Shield: Weathered Observer's Shield Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast   Agility Leather (Rogue, Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk. To a lesser extent Enhancement Shamans and Hunters) Head:Stained Shadowcraft Cap Shoulders: Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders Chest: Stained Shadowcraft Tunic Back:Inherited Cape of the Black Baron (Can be used by Agility Mail characters) Leggings:Stained Shadowcraft Pants Ring: Dread Pirate Ring  
      Dual Wield 1H Sword: Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge Dual Wield 1H Mace: Venerable Mass of McGowan (Enhancement Shamans can use this)   Dual Wield Daggers: Balanced Heartseeker Staff (Feral Druids): Burnished Warden Staff  Bow: Charmed Ancient Bone Bow  Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast  
      Intellect Leather (Balance/Restoration Druids, Mistweaver Monk) Head: Preened Tribal War Feathers Shoulders: Preened Ironfeather Shoulders Chest: Preened Ironfeather Breastplate  Back: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Also used by Intellect Cloth and Intellect Mail) Leggings: Preened Wildfeather Leggings Ring: Dread Pirate Ring   1H Mace: Devout Aurastone Hammer  Staff: Dignified Headmaster's Charge Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast     Intellect Cloth (Mage, Priest, Warlock) Head: Tattered Dreadmist Mask Shoulders:Tattered Dreadmist Mantle Chest: Tattered Dreadmist Robe  Back: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Also used by Intellect Leather and Intellect Mail) Leggings: Tattered Dreadmist Leggings Ring: Dread Pirate Ring   Staff: Dignified Headmaster's Charge  Off-Hand: Musty Tome of the Lost Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast  
      Collecting 35 heirlooms will reward you with a Chauffeured Chopper, which can be used as a mount from level 1.
    • By chaoticwonder
      I think it would be useful to include builds and legendary recommendations for open-world/leveling in BfA, in addition to raiding/mythic+.  Some guides do touch on this but not consistently.  (Including open-world/leveling in the general guide framework would be good, too.)  With so many changes I've seen/heard a lot of folks going with survivability/generic legendaries like Prydaz/Sephuz versus talent/ability boosters.  I'd love to hear what the guide writers and others here think.
    • By Demrottens
      Okay so I just started my first WoW player since 2009, and I completed all first mandatory missions and some misions to allow me do certain things like missions to show me how to pet a monster. Then, I skipped everything, me being level 2 undead and went to lvl 13 area (as I usually do in all MMOs) and farmed a bit until lvl 4 then I got bored and accidentally used a zepelin that flew me to Orgrimmar so I took advantage and went to lvl 17 area me being lvl 4 until reach lvl 6 and went to an area with lvl from 17 to IDK lvl and killed one lvl 17 deer then I went to some kind of troll or whatever that was lvlv 20, me being lvl 6 and killed it, I again got bored instantly and went farther through that rollercoaster until I reach the end and monsters there instead of a level have a skull which I assume means their lvl is 15 or 20 lvls more then mine, killed some with ease but I realised I only got 96 EP per kill, which is so little for me being lvl 7 or 6 and needing 5000 EP to levelup
      Do those skull level monsters give only a bit of experience, or all monsters I kill give EP depending on my own level, not on their own? Or is just that WoW works like this and if I kill a lvl 12 monster (twice my lvl, 6 lvls of difference) they would give me like 23 EP? 
      Is it always this hard to level up in WoW?
    • By drkenrich
      I've read through several guides on leveling up and didn't find a clear list of common tips everyone should use. Regardless of the character you're playing or the types of runs you like, there are a couple of tips you should try. I've done this a couple of times and find my leveling from first spawn to Level 70 Paragon 120+ in this new Season 10 went much quicker. In fact, I often advance 2 and sometimes 3 levels on each bounty quest or rift run.
      First, before anyone complains about wrong numbers, I admit they are not specifically precise. I am trying to explain a concept here.
      1.    The Leoric's Crown legendary buff is "Increase the effect of any gem socketed intro this item by 94%". This is usually picked up early in the game. As soon as I get this I insert the highest level Ruby gem I can for the increased experience percentage. Up to level 70 a Flawless Royal Ruby gives an additional 41% experience. That’s 41% x 94% = 79.5%. If you can’t start with the highest gem, start lower and replace it as you can.  At level 70 it drops to 4.1%.Until then I keep this regardless of other options. I may not have the strongest, best helm, but I get a tremendous experience boost.
      2.    Yellow pools give a constant 25% bonus, not for a given time, but for a given number of points. In fact, the experience tracking line(thin line above the skills bar) will show you how many extra experience points you'll receive, what they will take you to until it's expired, and change the line to yellow instead of the normal blue through multiple runs. Only if you get killed before it ends does it stop working.
      3.    Massacres grant a bonus experience based on how many enemy you kill AFTER you reach 15 killed. The more you kill, the higher the bonus. At 15 killed it’s 1x or 100% bonus. At 140 it's up to about 4x or 400% (please, don't hold me to this. I've done it a couple of times and it's based on failing memory). Along with this, try to have at least one ranged weapon you can shoot from a distance. It can keep your total running.
      So, let me give you a scenario. Do your run, and run past all smaller groups regardless of the kind or level of them. A single yellow boss is bad. It takes lots of time and gives very little for the effort. When you run into minions (love the little spiders) in a greater horde, stop and kill as many as you can. I like to run just a little past and see if there are more lurking nearby. When you get a good number, stop, backtrack a little, and begin your killing spree. As you get to the last few enemies, begin using your range weapon to shoot intermittently and from a further distance as you try to move toward more enemy nearby. Rack up as many kills as you can. Only engage the enemy when it’s worth the time to do so.
      Here’s how the results work out. Look for close horde pack of 20+ with lots of surrounding enemies. Begin killing and stretch it out near the last enemy so you can move to increase the number with nearby enemies. End up with 80 kills and a base of 10,000 points (fictitious number for calculations only). Add massacre bonus of 2.75 (275%), add the yellow pool bonus of 25%, add the Leoric’s Crown bonus of 79.5%, and you end up with 379.5% minimal increase for a grand total of 37,950 + 10,000 = 47,950 experience points.
      On any basic run you should be able to find 3 or 4 of these without much difficulty. With a little personal experience you’ll begin to recognize quickly when the setting is right. So a single bounty run can easily net you an extra 200,000 which isn’t bad at lower levels. But, wait, there’s more! These are percentage increases so they increase with your level increases.

      Grinding out these runs can actually be more fun! Try it.
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