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Theories on the Year of the Dragon Expansions

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The teaser image for the three Year of the Dragon expansions is out and we've gathered the best theories from the Internet, as well as our own educated guesses!

Before we begin, it's important to point out a useful piece of information from a PC Gamer article. The Year of the Dragon’s three expansions will form a complete narrative cycle, rather than each expansion being thematically self-contained. Even though seperately the expansions may bring a lot of different things in mind, our theories need to form a complete story.

Without further ado, let's examine the image teasing the three 2019 expansions:


The first one seems relatively easy to deduct: it looks like a Dalaran and/or Kirin Tor themed expansion. Perhaps, we'll have an escape from the Violet Hold scenario or we'll have to assist the Mages of the Violet Citadel in cleaning up the sewers. The card pack for this expansion was also teased in an image detailing the new features of the first solo Adventure content:


The triangle symbol is slightly mysterious, as the symbol of the Kirin Tor is the All-Seeing Eye. The purple colour of the card pack could point towards something Void related. So, perhaps it's not the obvious Kirin Tor scenario, but something more sinister: the Cult of the Damned and the return of the Old Gods. Whispers of the old Gods was also the first expansion of its respective year and it may return with a twist.

It's a bit harder to tell what the other two expansions are about. The most prominent theory about the second one is something related to Algalon or Ulduar, given that the artwork is quite reminiscent of constellations and Titans. The runes at the bottom of the image, along with the yellow background, remind me of the Halls of Origination, a Titan facility in the sandy region of Uldum. Other possible candidates are Pandaria or a Naga expansion.


The loading screen for Ulduar in World of Warcraft.

A lot of people think that the third expansion is related to the Iron Horde, because of the brown theme with the nail and the two fire lines tearing through on the top. I would like to focus on the yellow globule in the middle - bright yellow isn't a colour I would associate with the palette of the Iron Horde. To me, it's closer to the Mantid, the insectoid race of Pandaria. The Bronze Dragonflight is a really good fit for the third expansion as well.

Good as these theories may be, but they are not at all connected to each other. Since it is the Year of the Dragon, the presence of Dragons is expected both gameplay and story-wise. Perhaps the first expansion is related to the Twilight Dragonflight, Elegon might make an appearance in the second expansion or we just go underwater to meet the Naga and the third expansion can be related to the Bronze Dragonflight and/or Deathwing. All three elements - Twilight/Cult of the Damned, Naga and Deathwing - have also clear ties to Old Gods.


Is the third expansion of the Year of the Dragon related to the Bronze Dragonflight?

According to Blizzard's article, the first solo Adventure will feature a mysterious (yet familiar) Mage character. Perhaps Toki the Time-Tinker will mess up with the timeline in the first expansion of the year (she is a Mage, so she fits the Dalaran theme) and the Bronze Dragonflight will correct her mistake in the end of the Year of the Dragon.

An honourable mention should be made to theories involving Pandaria. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan featured the races of the Pandaria, but it was in no way a Pandaria expansion and we still haven't had one. There are a lot of places in World of Warcraft with strong dragon presence, however, the continent that mostly comes to mind is Pandaria due to the obvious association with Eastern Asian culture and the prominence of dragons in it. There's also the fact that it could fit nicely for the second or the third (see Mantid theory) expansion.

Let us know what your theories are about the upcoming expansions!

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3 minutes ago, Cntrl said:

To add onto the minion card in the green circle if you zoom in it’s more like a robe rather then a weapon 

Found a better quality of the image and it does look like a robe after all, nice catch!

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1 hour ago, Zadina said:

Found a better quality of the image and it does look like a robe after all, nice catch!

Now , looking closer to the images you can see in the character selection the first one is a panda for warrior , settike for shaman and kaparian for rogue I have a theory that yes the first one will revolve around dalaran tryint to get between the horde and alliance fight as “ neutral” as they could be , second to expansion will do with alliance because it looks like a frost rune symbol and then the third will be horde cause it’s filled with fire and has a tusk at the bottom aka all of orgrimmar horde cap . If this will be like a year of story telling . This is my theory the only thing I’m trying to think is WHO WEARS A ROBE LIKE THAT in Dalaran...

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I agree, the second one looks related to the titans but the style looks more egiptian, likely could be a pyramids/desert expansion. Related to Uldum or to Vol'dun and the Vulpera, there is a Vulpera Rogue hero in one of the captures

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Last one seriously looks like connected to iron horde or just horde. Even yellow/gold globule got sense when you remind yourself that bronze dragon helped Garrosh and all that stuff

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