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Mike Donais talked to PC Gamer and Shack News about the Year of the Dragon, revealing which cards were also considered for the Hall of Fame, who Zayle, Shadow Cloak is and that the three 2019 expansions will tell a complete story.

The PC Gamer piece covers more or less all the new features coming with the Year of the Dragon, along with the occasional comment from Hearthstone's Principal Game Designer. Here are the most interesting tidbits of information, with emphasis on the solo PvE content:

  • Malygos wasn't rotated out of Standard, because people keep making new decks with him. These decks aren't necessarily too successful, usually hovering around 40% winrate. Gadgetzan Auctioneer has also contributed in the creation of several archetypes and that's why he was also spared.
  • On the smart deck builder, if you have an incomplete deck and you miss some key cards, the game will offer you the best alternatives based on the cards you have and their respective winrates. It can also build the best deck it can find in its database out of a single signature card you put in the deck.
  • The first single-player Adventure of the year will become available in May, with its following wings being unlocked subsequently each week. The mode still feels very close to the deck-building style of Monster Hunt and Dungeon Run, with a small taste of Puzzle Labs here and there.
  • The journalist from PC Gamer played with a Paladin deck that can use its regular Hero Power, but you can also unlock one that adds two Silver Hand Recruits in your hand or another one that grants a minion Divine Shield. Each Hero Power had a different starting deck.
  • There's also a hint about a card that can pop out Legendary minions on the board.
  • The "non-combat encounters" take place between boss battles in a tavern setting. Four opposing minions vs four minions from your deck. You can recruit or discover new minions for your deck, dismiss cards you don't like or gain beneficial effects like spell reduction costs.
  • Anomaly Mode unlocks when you clear a wing. There are several random effects than can be applied to your run. There was one that made all minions gain +1/+1 each turn and another where players took increasing amounts of damage at the start of each turn.
  • Zayle, Shadow Cloak is a reward for completing all five wings of the new PvE content and he's basically thew new Whizbang the Wonderful. He offers five new deck recipes and he's Golden, so the decks are Golden too.
  • The Year of the Dragon’s three expansions will form a complete narrative cycle, rather than each expansion being thematically self-contained. [for our theories, check out this article]

The Shack News interview focused more on why Malygos and Mind Blast weren't rotated out of Standard, even though they are under scrutiny:

  • Donais repeated that although Malygos has been a candidate for the Hall of Fame multiple times, ultimately he is important because of all the new decks he creates.
  • Mind Blast is on Team 5's list because it doesn't match Priest class identity. Priests aren't supposed to be the face damage class. They expect things will get better with Shadow Visions rotating out of Standard and just like Malygos, Mind Blast has also created various Priest archetypes.
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I find blizzard very very inconsistent in they choice. Expecially when they talk about class identity.

For example:

Warrior class identity should contain weapons, as while other class can use them, the warrior is the master of weapon fight. So why the Warrior has the worst (3) mana weapon in the game?
Druid was based on ramping with lots of high cost overstatted minion. What is left now that ramp has been nerfed into oblivion?

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    • By Zadina
      As expected, Hagatha is a Shaman Legendary minion and she has a very versatile effect.
      The card was revealed by @PlayHearthstone on Twitter:
      Swampqueen Hagatha is one of these cases where the cardbox is barely enough to fit the explanation for the whole card. "Teach it 2 Shaman spells" means that you will get the Discover option twice and the Horror (a tribeless 5/5 token minion) will cast them as a Battlecry. Note that if you Discover a targeted spell, you can choose who to target with it - it's not random. According to Peter Whalen, the first choice is random but the second will offer only non-targetable spells (like Bloodlust or Chain Lightning) if your first choice was a targeted spell.
      Now that we are done with the explanation of the card, we can try and guesstimate how good it's going to be. Even though it offers a versatile Build-a-spell-like effect and it has a very interesting design, Swampqueen Hagatha is a huge tempo loss on turn 7 and requires a lot of setting-up and foresight. On the other hand, you can make up the tempo loss when you play the Horror and it also works greatly with Shudderwock.
      With Hagatha's Scheme and now the new Hagatha herself, it looks like we may be heading towards a Control Shaman era. What do you think?
    • By Zadina
      A new Scheme card for Rogue was revealed by @PlayHearthstone on Twitter.
      The card also confirms King Togwaggle as an upcoming Rogue Legendary minion.
      Now that we know that Scheme cards can update infintely, Togwaggle's Scheme looks absolutely insane. Pogo-Hopper decks have recently gained popularity and this new Scheme card fits perfectly into them. It can also fit into a Pirate Rogue deck. A lot of people have been comparing it to Jade Idol. The card is also pretty bonkers in Wild as well in the hands of Mill Rogue. With the right support, this card looks really powerful.
      What do you guys think about this first card reveal from Rise of Shadows?
    • By Zadina
      After the announcement of Rise of Shadows, Peter Whalen answered several questions on Twitter.
      A new piece of information is that there will be no Hero cards in the upcoming expansion. Rise of Shadows will follow the trend set from previous expansions, with 2 Legendary cards per class and 5 neutral Legendaries.
      One of the new mechanics of Rise of Shadows are Scheme cards that upgrade each turn they are in your hand. Apparently, they can upgrade forever! They also work with end-of-turn effects like Drakkari Enchanter (source). If you play Krag'wa, the Frog after you play Hagatha's Scheme, you will get a copy of the base form of the card (source).
      As far as Lackeys are concerned, these new token minions are all 1-mana 1/1 and they can only be generated from other cards.
      After clarifying that the smart deck builder doesn't support Wild for now, Peter Whalen launched into an extensive series of tweets about Hearthstone's Wild mode. The team is trying to keep Wild mode a place where everything is allowed, but at the same time they want to regulate stuff like Aviana, Naga Sea Witch, Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and Raza the Chained to maintain some sanity. No surprise there: Barnes has also been under the radar for a while. You can find the Twitter thread here.
      Lastly, there are no plans for now to give Wild cards as rewards, but this may change.
    • By Zadina
      New features include the Twinspell Keyword, Lackey minions and Scheme cards.
      The leaks were correct and the name of the new expansion is Rise of Shadows. It's a good mix of old and new as we see familiar faces and mechanics joined with new stuff like Twinspell, Lackeys and Schemes!
      Launching worldwide on April 9, Rise of Shadows is Hearthstone’s newest expansion, featuring 135 new cards and a host of game improvements which were revealed when the Year of the Dragon was announced. Dave Kosak is here to introduce us the new expansion.
      He hints about the next expansions of the Year of the Dragon bringing us to the "ancient depths".
      Rise of Shadows is about Rafaam gathering an evil gang, his target being the city of Dalaran. What is his purpose, though? It remains to be revealed in the rest of the year, since the Year of the Dragon expansions will all be interlinked.
      Hearthstone's nine classes are pitted against each other. On the one side, we have the League of Evil, whose leader is Arch-Villain Rafaam, a new Warlock Legendary minion. Warlocks are obviously part of the bad guys crew with Rogues, Shamans, Priests and Warriors joining them.

      The Defenders of Dalaran are the good guys and they are made up of Druids, Mages, Paladins and Hunters.

      The League of Evil doesn't operate on its own. After all, its masterminds are busy scheming and plotting; they need some muscle for the everyday bad-guy stuff, they need Lackeys! Lackeys are small 1/1 minions with strong Battlecries. Lackeys will not be limited to Rise of Shadows, as we will see them in the next expansions. They are token minions, only generated from other cards - they are not collectible.

      We mentioned "scheming" in the previous paragraph. Schemes are cards that grow in power the longer they stay in your hand. It hasn't been determined if there is a limit to how much these cards can grow.

      The new Keyword for this expansion is Twinspell. Once you cast a spell with this Keyword, a second copy of the spell is added to your hand. The copy doesn't have Twinspell.

      Older mechanics will also return. You might remember Forbidden cards from Whispers of the Old Gods. With The Fortune Teller being present in both WotOG and Rise of Shadows, it's only natural that we see Forbidden again.

      Speaking of The Fortune Teller, her actual name is Madame Lazul and she is an alternative Priest hero you can get from one of the pre-purchase options. There are three pre-purchase bundles for Rise of Shadows. The Standard Bundle costs 49.99 $/€ and contains 50 Rise of Shadows card packs, the Jewel of Lazul card back and a random RoS Legendary card. The 79.99 $/€ priced Bundle includes 80 packs, the Jewel of Lazul card back, the Madame Lazul Priest hero and a random Rise of Shadows Golden Legendary card. Lastly, the Shadow Bundle will be available only during the first week of the expansion: for 9.99 $/€ you can get 9 Rise of Shadows card packs and an Arena ticket.
      The solo Adventure content will be released a month after Rise of Shadows, so somewhere in May.
      *Images for Kalegcos and EVIL Miscreant are a courtesy of Hearthpwn.
    • By Zadina
      Apart from the option to pre-purchase the upcoming expansion, this patch adds several improvements, like the random card back, the ability to reroll legendary quests, the smart deck builder and trigger rule changes.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      In this update we draw up the plans for Rise of Shadows and give you a chance to join the crew before the heist begins. We’re also saying goodbye to the Year of the Mammoth card sets in style, adding some cool quality of life improvements, and fixing some bugs. Read on for details!
      Pre-Purchase the Rise of Shadows
      Be ready when Rise of Shadows, Hearthstone’s newest expansion, begins!
      Rise of Shadows Bundle
      Get 50 Rise of Shadows card packs, the Jewel of Lazul card back, and a Legendary minion from Rise of Shadows.

      Rise of Shadows Mega Bundle
      Get 80 Rise of Shadows card packs, the Jewel of Lazul card back, a golden Legendary minion, and the new Priest Hero Villain Madame Lazul!
      Farewell to Mammoth!
      With the Year of the Dragon swiftly approaching let's take a moment to remember and celebrate the Year of the Mammoth which will soon be rotating to Wild. Join us for a Mammoth send-off!

      Free Packs – Log in March 25th through April 2 to receive 3 free card packs! (1 each from Journey to Un’Goro, The Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds & Catacombs)
      Brawl Block: Year of the Mammoth – The Tavern Brawl starting March 25 invites you to take those free cards and build decks using only expansions from the Year of the Mammoth. Shadows Rise in the Tavern! - The Tavern Brawl starting April 1 gives you an opportunity to earn a Rise of Shadows pack that you can open once the expansion is released.
        Card Backs!
      Card of Shadows   Jewel of Lazul Game Improvements
      We’ve further optimized Hearthstone's app size
      It will be necessary to re-download app data, but Hearthstone will take up a lot less space now!
      Reconnect Improvements – Players attempting to reconnect to matches should now have a smoother overall experience.
      Reroll Legendary Quests – To give players more freedom over how they’ll be rewarded while playing Hearthstone, we have now added the ability to reroll legendary quests (Special event quests, Expansion launch quests, etc.) into standard daily quests.

      Random Card Back Selector – Let the Innkeeper curate your card back collection. Select the Random card back for a deck, and a random card back from your Collection will be chosen each time you play.

      Golden Heroes Now Count Arena Wins – Go for the gold in the Arena! We are updating the 500 Wins requirement for Golden Heroes to include Arena wins along with Ranked wins.
      NOTE: This will only apply towards Arena wins earned after this update is live. Any past Arena wins will not count towards the 500 Wins total.
      Complete My Deck – Hearthstone’s better at helping you build decks than ever before.
      Helps you build established, proven decks using your collection. If you’re short of an established deck, the helper will help you choose the strongest stand-alone cards from what you have available.
      Fixed several issues that could cause User Interface elements to overlap.              
      Fixed an issue where Gral, the Shark’s effect could cause the eaten card to appear permanently on the gameboard. Playing Gral, the Shark will no longer cause visual effects to display on incorrect parts of the board. Gral, the Shark will now correctly gain the extra stats if the minion it eats was buffed in the deck. Fixed a visual issue with the effects in Rastakhan’s portrait. Nozdormu's visual effects will no longer persist after he is transformed. The Boomsday! card back will no longer light up during the mulligan phase. The lock icon for future overloaded mana crystals will no longer be erased after playing Mojomaster Zihi. Fixed issue where Magnetic minions could incorrectly execute their end-of-turn effects additional times after being bounced and replayed. Astromancer now correctly summons a minion immediately next to her instead of the far right of the board. If Big Bad Voodoo's effect triggers on a minion that doesn't have any valid minions to evolve into, it will now summon a random minion of equal cost. Fixed an issue where mulliganed cards would not be tracked as having started in your deck. Kalimos' Invocation of Water's card text will no longer indicate that the effect will be doubled while Prophet Velen is in play. Fixed an issue which could cause the Mass Disenchant menu to show an incorrect amount of cards and dust. Fixed an issue where a person on your Friends list would show their last rank if they set themselves to appear offline instead of going offline. Fixed an issue where Card Backs earned from completing a Heroic Adventure would not show up properly in the Collection Manager. Returning players who had not previously completed the tutorial or a PvP match will now be included in the New Player Ranks. Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck on a loading screen if they tried to spectate a game that ends before they finish loading. [Reconnect] Addressed an issue that could cause players who were attempting to reconnect to Arena matches to lose additional matches. [Reconnect] Fixed an issue that could cause players who were attempting to reconnect to matches to become stuck in an infinite reconnect loop. [Rumble Run] Choices from Branching Paths will no longer trigger twice with Pirate's Mark in play. [Mobile] Fixed an issue that could cause some sound effects to fail to play even after all sound files had been downloaded. [Mobile] Fixed an issue that could cause the text bubble for the adventure announcer to appear incorrectly sized. [Fireside Gatherings] Fixed an issue that could cause missing and duplicate patrons in the friends list when connected to a Fireside Gathering. (source)