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Priest vs Lord Marrowgar - WON!

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Ok. been having a go - with my limited resources - to get a deck to fight Lord Marrowgar in the Frozen Throne, Lower Citadel First battle

After having a read around seems I have to do 3 things, keep the health of my Hero up, Destroy/silence the Bone Spike minions and then find an OTK setup - or rather do that all at the same time.

I havn't put Mind Control in as it is 10 mana, as I believe I need to win well before then (deaths at 7,8, & 9 mana show this to be so)  .

Looked at a few ideas on the net, discarding those I can;t get close to  and adapted a couple of priest decks and came up with  this,

Any Ideas on improvement - I have got close, real close , a couple of times but still not done it. my collection is  public on hsreplay https://hsreplay.net/collection/2/68976303/

I have no dust at this time (used it to get my Hunter deck set up) 

My own thoughts so far are , discard Topsy Turvy  (think I used it once in all the tries I did) as I use the health buffs on Lightspawn to increase and double, thus get the attack (I hope) for an OTK.  not sure what to replace topsy with though, assuming that is the right option.

Thanks in advance, here's the deck....

### Custom Priest2
# Class: Priest
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Raven
# 2x (0) Silence 
# 1x (0) Topsy Turvy
# 2x (1) Crystalline Oracle
# 2x (1) Inner Fire
# 2x (1) Mind Vision
# 1x (1) Northshire Cleric
# 2x (1) Power Word: Shield
# 1x (2) Divine Hymn
# 2x (2) Divine Spirit
# 2x (2) Radiant Elemental
# 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain
# 2x (3) Mind Control Tech
# 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death
# 2x (4) Lightspawn
# 1x (4) Mass Dispel
# 1x (4) Shadow Madness
# 2x (5) Devour Mind
# 1x (6) Cabal Shadow Priest (I only have 1 of these, need 400 dust to craft another)


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