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Skeleg'Oul Build for T13 Rifts/Bounties/Goblin Farming

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This build plays upon the strengths of Trag'Oul's 6-Piece set while also granting huge mobility.  Every part of this class plays well with each other.  Your Bane of the Trapped along with Krysbin's are going to be proc'd heavily due to your constant stuns.  Your Lornelle's is going to benefit from the health drain of the Skeleton Mages, who in turn benefit from Trag'Oul's 6-piece set bonus.  This is a generator-less class.  Your essence will instead come from Devour and picking up health globes.  Because of this, it might be suggested to re-roll some of your pieces to increase the range at which you can pick up health globes.  All in all, this is a fast trash and elite clearing build that will allow you to speedfarm/speedbounty/speedrift without much trouble.  There are lots of trade-offs in damage for increased survivability, speed and mobility.  As such, this build is not suitable for GR progression. 

Gear And Cube

Weapon: Jesseth Skullscythe

Off Hand: Jesseth Skullshield - We want the set bonus from having both of the Jesseth items equipped.  Command Skeletons is going to be your main "attack", as it allows you to focus your pets on a target.  Having this set bonus keeps your skeletons commanded as long as there are enemies on the screen, and it powers up your Skeleton Mages.

Belt: Krelm's Buff Belt - For the speed buff.  If movement speed is less important to you than damage (for example, if not playing on Season 16), then you can replace this with The Witching Hour.

Wrists: Reaper's Wraps or Nemesis Bracers - The Reaper's Wraps are are craftable.  I'd recommend these for running bounties/goblins.  For speedrifting, go with the Nemesis Bracers.

Head: Trag'Oul's Guise

Chest: Trag'Oul's Scales

ShouldersTrag'Oul's Heart

HandsTasker and Theo or Trag'Oul's Claws - Use T&T if playing on Season 16, otherwise take the Trag'Oul's.

Legs: Trag'Oul's Hide

Feet: Trag'Oul's Stalwart Greaves

Ring OneKrysbin's Sentence - This will proc nearly all the time with this build.  Super powerful ring.

Ring Two: Lornelle's Sunstone - This is an odd take for most builds, but with a good roll, you can get +Int, +CHD, and +CHC as well as pretty great damage reduction on this ring.  For that purpose, this ring is mandatory.

Neck: Wisdom of Kalan - This could be substituted for a more damage-focused neck, like The Johnstone or a Hellfire Amulet with good stats and a good passive.  The extra 5 stacks of Bone Armor will help our movement speed, however.

Cube WeaponScythe of the Cycle - Straight up Skeleton Mage buff.

Cube ArmorSteuart's Greaves - If not playing Season 16, you could put Tasker and Theo here.  However, the movement speed buff is incredible.

Cube JeweleryCircle of Nailuj's Evol - Another big Skeleton Mage buff.

Skills and Runes

Left Click:  Bone Armor, with the Dislocation rune.

Right Click: Blood Rush.  Rune doesn't matter, since Trag'Oul's will give you all of them.

1Skeleton Mage, with the Life Support rune.

2: Command Skeletons, with the Frozen Grasp rune.

3Land of the Dead, with the Frozen Lands rune.  I hardly use this in my runs, as it's not really necessary.  It's more of an "oh *filtered*!" skill I use in emergencies.  That said, this is great against bosses.

4Devour, with the Devouring Aura rune.  Your biggest essence generator.  The rune just makes it easy to manage, but if you like pressing buttons constantly, take the Cannibalize rune.


1: Dark Reaping

2: Grisly Tribute

3: Overwhelming Essence

4: Final Service

5: Extended Servitude - Only take this if you've got a Hellfire equipped that gives you one of the above passives.


Int should be your main stat.  The following three stats are my recommended priorities in order after Int: +%CHC, +Armor, Gold/Health Pickup range increase


Paragon Priority should be :

Core: Movement Speed > Intelligence > Maximum Essence > Vitality

Offensive: Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Cooldown Reduction > Attack Speed

Defensive: Armor > Resist All > Life Regen > Life

Utility: Life Per Hit > Resource Cost Reduction > Area Damage > Gold Find


Helm - Diamond

Chest - Two Topaz, one Amathyst

Legs - Two Topaz

Weapon - Emerald

Anything not jewelry - Topaz

Jewelry - Bane of the Trapped, Enforcer, Bane of the Powerful


This build has an odd playstyle.  Aside from the small output of Bone Armor, you are not going to do any damage directly.  You're going to pop Blood Rush as much as you want to zoom around the map.  When you encounter enemies, you want to get near them and pop Bone Armor.  After that, Command Skeletons to one of the enemies (you can pop this multiple times per encounter.  Whoever you target with this will become your damage priority.  Then pop exactly 5 Skeleton Mages.  While your pets do the work, Blood Rush around the pack of enemies in order to Devour corpses to restore your essence.  Pop Bone Armor as it becomes available. 

Just do this from pack to pack and you'll be fine.  I've been able to clear Act II bounties in less than 7 minutes, a Golbin Farm run in less than 4, and a regular rift in under 2.  This is all on T13, by the way.  I am Paragon 590 as of the writing of this post.

If you find that you aren't doing enough damage, remember to make sure that your Skeletons are always Commanded.  If you don't command them, you're losing out on the damage bonus granted by the Jesseth set.  Also, make sure you keep 10 Skeleton Mages up at all times.  This equates to casting it 5 times, if you have Nailuj's Evol cubed.

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Added a bit more to the playstyle section

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    • By Necropolis928
      All credit goes to Wrechanoth @ DiabloFans.com: Link <--Direct link to Build
      I have been using this build since the Necromancer was released
      Nowhere near mid-tier build, but fun to play and fairs pretty nicely when completing season journey.  

    • By Smegkopf
      The build is a pretty standard zunimassa's, except using willikens and grasp of the dead's unbreakable grasp rune together to make applying the 6 piece bonus of zunimassas incredibly easy and free, as well as opening up a bit of extra bonuses due to the fact that throughout the whole build, there is no resource spending at all. absolute minimum items needed to start getting an effect out of the build are enough of the zunimassas set to get the 6 piece bonus, a willikens, and a belt of transcendence. theres still a slot or two that need items, and im unsure what to put in them for now.
      Items And Cube
      Weapon: Sacred Harvester
      Off hand: You can either have  Homunculus if you want to fully stack into damage and take haunt, or you can take the set fetish and open up an aquila cuirass in your chest.
      Belt: belt of transcendence
      Wrists: Lakumba's ornament
      Head: Mask of Jeram
      Chest: Depends on if you want offense or defense, if offensive take set chest, if defensive take aquilla.
      Neck: Hellfire amulet, you want to aim for having Pierce the veil, Midnight feast, zombie handler, fierce loyalty, or spirit vessel.
      Ring one: tall man's finger
      Hand, Pants, Shoes, Ring two: Zunimassas set, pretty inflexible considering you need the 6 set bonus, you could hypothetically have hands be a tasker and theo and leave chest and off hand as zunimassa, but i prefer to have tasker cubed.
      Shoulders: I'll be honest, i have absolutely no clue what to put in shoulders, it would be a perfect spot for a set item if there actually WAS a zunimassas set shoulder, but for now i just have a spaulders of zakara there. Feel free to add suggestions, i really need them!
      Cube weapon: Wilikens
      Cube armor: Tasker and Theo
      Cube Jewelery: RoRG if not seasonal, one of the block X type of damage completely amulets otherwise.
      Skills and Playstyle
      Primary:  Grasp of the undead with unbreakable grasp
      Secondary: Spirit Walk with severance
      1: Either zombie dogs with life link, or haunt with poisoned spirit
      2:Fetish Army with Legion of Daggers
      3: Gargantuan with restless giant or Humongoid
      4: Soul Harvest with Soul to Waste if offensive, Languish if defensive.
      Traits: Including the Hellfire, you should have Pierce the veil, Midnight feast, zombie handler, fierce loyalty, and spirit vessel
      Every fight, is going to be two parts, which i remember as Sowing the Seeds and Harvesting the crops.
      Part one: Sowing the seeds: Every time you see a new group of enemies, Spam Grasp under the entire area so every enemy is effected. this procs the Zunimassas 6 part and belt without actually spending mana. after that is done, throw a few haunts in there if you have it, and move to
      Part two: Harvesting the crops: while there are still enemies alive, run into the middle of them and quickly press harvest before moving back to part one.
      Pretty simple, not too difficult to actually execute. only real worry is dying when you go in to harvest, but most of the time you should be alright.
      Stats, Paragon, and Gems.
      Int is your main focus. I'd focus more on vitality than resistances since you have a lot of % damage reduction already and the health is going to work way way better. For secondary stats, Crit is likely the most important to increase. you cant really get too much benifit from attack speed since i dont think that applies to pets, and all it'l do is let you throw out grasps a bit quicker. cooldown reduction is completely useless, because the only spells you'd use off cooldown already dont have a cooldown.
      Paragon Priority should be :
      Core:Movement speed> Int> Vit> Eating a sandwich> Maximum Mana
      Offensive: Crit Damage> Crit Chance> Attack Speed> Eating a burger> Cooldown Reduction
      Defensive:Life>Armor>Resist All> Regen
      Utility: Area Damage>Life Per hit> Gold Find> Eating a pizza> Resource cost reduction
      Legendary Gems are stricken, Trapped, and enforcer. 
      Id Put an amethyst in the helm, an emerald in the weapon, and topaz everywhere else.
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