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Results of the HCT World Championship

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The HCT World Championship took place last weekend. Find out who was crowned World Champion for this year.

This is the last time we see the Hearthstone Circuit Tour as we know it, since it will be revamped into Hearthstone Masters. Moreover, tournaments from now on will run with the new Specialist format.

This World Championship was a bit different than the others, since it came less than a month after the release of Rise of Shadows. While the decks most players brought were more or less expected, it was interesting to see the tournament meta. Rogue dominated with 15 out of 16 finalists bringing it.

Standout players include Roger and killinallday. Roger was definitely not the crowd's favourite, given that he was recently banned from Hearthstone Grandmasters after cheating accusations. However, his anti-meta line-up - he was that 1 guy who didn't bring Rogue - countered the other contestants' decks pretty efficiently and if he was a bit luckier in the Group Stage, he may have progressed further on. Killinallday's Nomi Priest - the only Priest deck in the HCT World Championship - proved innovative and quickly found its spot in the current meta.

Ultimately, the finals came to a European showdown between Casper "Hunterace" Notto and Torben "Viper" Wahl. Viper had to beat in the semifinals his teammate and friend Bunnyhoppor, both of them having exactly the same lineup. The final game between Hunterace and Viper was insane, with VIper dropping Arch-Thief Rafaam and topdecking good Legendaries, and Hunterace trying to find ways to deal with the constant threats.

The Norwegian Hunterace won with 3-2 and was crowned 2019 World Champion. He has had an amazing year so far, also holding the record for most HCT points earned.

While the Hearthstone Championship Tour has come to an end, the next chapter of Hearthstone esports is just around the corner. Hearthstone Grandmasters will begin on May 17.

The groups were announced prior to the final HCT World Champsionship match in Taipei and can be found below:


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